Englander brews french beer in kronach

Englander brews french beer in kronach

A brite who brews bavarian beer in kronach, speaks perfect wallenfelserisch and has several school and university degrees. The educational qualifications, do they exist at all?? Yes! His name is robert smith, he is 25 years young, a level-headed fellow and very smart.

Robert smith, or better "rob, as his friends call him, beer is his great passion. But only brewing. Okay, now and then he also drinks one. He loves the smells that waft through the brewhouse. When the scent of the root wafts toward him, he closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, laughs and swarms: "this will be a good beer!" In the best wallenfels dialect. "I can smell it coming, because I know it's going to be a good one", says rob with a beaming smile and is happy that the profession is a vocation for him. It wasn't easy, because he couldn't start his apprenticeship as a brewer and maltster until he was 22 years old.

Already as a child in wallenfels
But first things first: robert smith from bingham near nottingham came to wallenfels as a small child with his father colin in 1991/92. The dad was leader of the toot hill dance band from the british twin town of wallenfels and regularly went camping in the floberstadt with his musicians.

In 2004, after completing his secondary education in england, rob, who was 16 at the time, completed three internships: at the bauhof in wallenfels, at the muller-gei brewery, and at the kaiserhof brewery. With the latter, he knew: "this is my dream job!" But first he drove the more than 1300 kilometers back to his home country and took his A-levels (similar to the technical baccalaureate). Since august 2006 he is again in the frankenwald. He has a british passport, but as an EU-foreigner he has a permanent residence permit. He wanted "a gscheits deutsch" because he couldn't manage the two and a half to three hours a week of german he had to learn in england. In the meantime, he speaks accent-free high german and perfect wallenfels dialect, so that no stranger would think that the young man comes from england.

Work at the sagewerk
Since 2006 he is back in frankenwald, but the apprenticeship as a brewer didn't work out for the time being, because the position at the kaiserhof-brau was occupied. So rob had to wait until this apprentice had finished his training. He spent his time working at the muller-gei steel mill. 2009 his hour struck and the training at kaiserhof could begin. He doesn't mind the different temperatures when brewing the beer: the mash has 70 degrees, the root even 100 degrees. Then the brew goes into the cellar, where the temperature is below ten degrees. Even colder – 0 degrees – it gets in the storage cellar. Rob accompanies the beer for five weeks from brewing to bottling. And he always has an easy saying on his lips: "the smart man, believe me, brews and drinks his own beer"!" The people of wallenfels have of course also taught him one or two funny sayings. So he answers the question: "well, rob, how much beer have you drunk??" Quick-witted: "zwaa, es oscht und es letzt!"

With so much love for beer, it's no wonder that robert smith graduated with flying colors from his apprenticeship. He became chamber winner in the district and 3. State winner in the freestate. The block training during the training period took place in kulmbach. "There i still had it good. The apprentices from the sagewerk had to go to school in rosenheim", female mr. Smith.

Visit to the home
The young man in bingham, who has a girlfriend in wallenfels, is completely happy in frankenwald. He visits his relatives in central england once or twice a year for a few days. The only thing he misses from his home country, apart from his family in germany, are the trips by bus to nottingham to the concerts of his favorite rock band. Nothing else! "I'm not moving back to england, as firmly rooted as i am here now", assures robert smith. He does not feel english or german. "I feel like a franconian", he says with a certain voice.

He got his driver's license in england, and he is as good at driving on the left as he is at driving on the right in the frankenwald. The fact that there are many more traffic circles and far fewer traffic lights in england pleases him. Whereby the many traffic lights between his workplace in kronach and his home in wallenfels sometimes annoy him. "The one in hofles and the new one in marktrodach are nonsense traffic lights", notes robert.

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