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Matt Preston's miso corn fritters with chilli bacon caramel

Here are some dining options in Australia:

  • Restaurants BYO. BYO is understood as “to bring” (Bring Your Own), with a mean alcohol. In many urban areas of Australia you will find inexpensive restaurants that do not have a license to sell alcohol, but allow visitors to bring a bottle of wine purchased elsewhere. This goes a lot cheaper than ordering wine in a restaurant. In some restaurants you can get beer, others allow only wine. Expect for otkuporivanie bottles will have to pay the amount, ranging from 2-3 to 15 dollars. Bring alcohol into the restaurant, licensed to conduct liquor is prohibited.
  • The Asian eateries offers mainly Asian cuisine.
  • Lunch at the pub. Today, some pubs offer and lunch as lunch and dinner in the middle of the day. Distributed the following dishes: meat steaks, chicken in Parma, nachos, etc..
  • BBQ – a popular pastime among the Australians and many parks officially open to it. Contrary to the belief of foreigners in the stereotype, the Australians rarely “throw a shrimp on the barbecue” (incidentally, the Australian English word “prawn” is often referred to as “shrimp”, rather than as a “prawn”). Instead, at most barbecue cooked steaks, chops, chicken and barbecue.

In different regions of Australia learn about local restaurants and what and how they are served.

Exotic food

Probably the only pure Australian dish that can be attributed to this category – it’s a kangaroo steak. Many say that the meat like beef. It is widely available in restaurants across Australia.


Vegetarian food is very common in Australia, and many restaurants offer at least one or two vegetarian dishes, or even a whole section of the menu dedicated to vegetarian cuisine. Vegans, more strictly related to the vegetarian diet, may have difficulty in choosing the dishes, although some restaurants with an extensive vegetarian menu for flexibility in service so demanding visitors.

In large cities, you will find a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan restaurants. But if you are in small towns or provincial areas, be prepared to buy vegetarian food in supermarkets or in advance to take it with you, as the network of vegetarian food in such a development is very bad. In many towns, there are Chinese restaurants that serve steamed rice and vegetables.

Religious kitchen

People who prefer kosher or halal food can find specialists in its preparation only in the capital cities of Australia. There are also several restaurants with appropriate menus and cooking technologies. Outside the major cities you hardly can find food, prepared the necessary means.

Food outside the kitchen

Australian popular product used for sandwiches, called Vedzhemayt and a pasty mass, reminiscent of the British or Swedish product Marmayt Kenovis. Vedzhemayt has an unpleasant taste and first novel, so beginners should start familiarizing him with the application of a very thin layer of it on hot toast.

A well-known Australian “commercial” biscuit, had won fame abroad – There biscuit Tim Arnott. He is filled with chocolate sandwich, composed of two chocolate biscuits and bathed in chocolate. This decidedly dirty maneuver – it requires a bite chocolate on both sides, and then use the sponge as a straw to suck through a favorite hot drink, which is usually coffee. Hot drink is the center of ideas and gives a feeling that is difficult to describe. But the interesting thing is that in his mouth to suck the whole biscuit in microseconds between how he soaked and dissolved coffee in your cup.

Other Australian sweets: “Lamington” – a small oblong-shaped cake, drenched chocolate and topped with shredded coconut, “Pavlova” – meringue cake with whipped cream, decorated with fruit, which is a popular alternative to Christmas pudding, cake “ANZAC”, made from a mixture of shredded coconut, oatmeal, flour, sugar and syrup Golden – about him sometimes incorrectly say that the first time it was baked for soldiers anxious for them wives and mothers during the First World War. It is considered that the cake “Pavlova” and cake “ANZAC” – mainly New Zealand invention.

“Dumper” – fresh flat flannel cake – a traditional kind of bread, which is baked farmers in sparsely areas of Australia in colonial times. It is made from a minimum number of basic components, and usually baked in the fire. Do not expect to find this bread bakeries in the city – it is usually prepared only for tourists exploring the outback.


All capitals and regional cities take visitors on “Farm Fair”, which are usually held weekly on Saturdays and Sundays in certain places. At these fairs mainly sells fresh fruit and vegetables, but not meat, as hygiene standards in Australia prohibits its sale in the market stalls. Attractiveness fairs that there is fresh food, and the prices a pleasant surprise. Depending on the region and the season, travelers can enjoy a delicious and inexpensive fruit, which can be found on sale. In regional areas of the market are usually located outside the city, taking special paddocks. To markets in large cities easier to get into, but the prices are usually the same as in supermarkets. So it is best to ask the locals – they will tell you where to go better.



Australia’s main beverage is beer. There is also very active in developing the wine industry, and with it the growing and consumption of wine. Wines imported small, so most of the wines that you can find in stores and restaurants, will be produced in Australia. And cocktails are also available, especially on the basis of vodka, bourbon or whiskey. Very often they are prepared in advance and pour into bottles. Alcohol sold in pubs, but not in all restaurants.

Legal, and cultural aspects

The age at which allowed to drink alcohol is 18 years. It is illegal as buying alcohol for yourself if you are a minor, and for someone who is less than 18 years. For the buyer it can be a challenge, as many sellers of alcohol will require proof of your age, if, in their opinion, you look younger than 25 years (and sometimes younger than 30). In this case, proof of age acceptable method is the presentation of photographic identification issued by the state with this on it the name and date of birth, in particular, it can be a driving permit issued by any Australian state or photo ID issued by any state, as well as passport . Many judicial districts do not even miss the minors in their possession without adult supervision.

Generally speaking, the Australian culture is a lot like British culture. Despite the rise in migration from around the world, 93% of the population – the Anglo-Saxon origin, although Australians prefer to say “Anglo-Celtic”, emphasizing the fact that the Irish made up the majority of the white settlers in the early years of settlement of the continent.

Contrary to popular myth, the white Australians for the most part come from the free settlers, not the criminals, whose numbers in the years to prison administration in Australia, was in fifth. English in Australia has always been famous for its sonority and expressive turns in speaking, but lost a lot as a result of outside influence, although residents glubinok still talk on the indigenous dialect, using archaic expressions that are considered obsolete in the metropolitan areas. Australia has used a small number of local dialects and several highly specialized regional dialects.

Australian culture is rather conservative compared to European cultures, and more like a Canadian or New Zealand, especially in political views. In matters of religion, Australians quite tolerant. After the legendary Australian egalitarianism by the development of economic relations is gone, the people of the country have become more free and relaxed in dealing with other cultures. Many Australians, regardless of socioeconomic status, will address you by name, and expect the same from you.

Alcohol on tap can be bought only in places that have a license to trade in alcoholic beverages: in pubs, clubs and many restaurants. You can also buy alcoholic beverages in containers in stores that specialize in selling them. Buy alcohol in supermarkets and other retail outlets you will probably not be able to, but the shops for the sale of alcoholic beverages, as a rule, are in close proximity. Some of the big supermarket chains, however, offer a small selection of wines and beers. In many other public places, especially in parks and pedestrian malls, alcohol is forbidden, which is controlled by the local authorities. Otherwise, the public drinking of alcoholic beverages will the acceptable face. In any case, most of the people drank to be found in the immediate vicinity of pubs and clubs at night, but much less in the afternoon. More acceptable in Australian society is having a drink in the company, rather than alone. Note that drinking alcohol in excess is a violation of public order, and getting it to the police for threatening you at night in the detention cell or indictment.

Driving under the influence of alcohol and controlled condemned the police (through selective breath testing patrol officers), as there may be a potential danger. All states acceptable maximum blood alcohol concentration is 0.05%, but in general it should be lower. It does not do favors for drivers of heavy vehicles, young drivers, as well as beginners. This level of concentration of alcohol consumption reached approximately one standard alcoholic drink per hour (although used herein, the term “standard” is not quite true, since the majority of drinks sold in pubs and restaurants, have a much greater volume than the so-called “standard” drink). In Australia, every single police car can be used as a station breath test. There is also a special night patrols to combat drunk driving, which usually works on a particularly busy routes, making it possible to check more drivers. This patrol is usually a strong presence in the long weekend: Australia Day, Easter and Christmas. Summarizing vysheoboznachennyh, we can say that in Australia related to drinking and driving in the general sense is expressed in a popular government slogan: “If you drink and then get behind the wheel, you – bloody idiot.”

In Victoria, Queensland, South and Western Australia police officers are also authorized to spot-check the drivers for the recent use of illicit drugs. Resource Management under the influence of drugs is a serious offense.

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