Food and drinks Netherlands

Food and drinks Netherlands

Through the influence of Indonesian, Surinamese, Chinese, Turkish and North African immigrants, you can select the kitchen of your choice. In big cities, you can enjoy good Thai food (for example, on Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam) at a good price, and in Chinatown to taste the real Chinese food. You can also find a restaurant with kitchen anywhere in the world (especially in Amsterdam).

In every corner of the city center, close to public transportation, and even in quieter neighborhoods have any eatery, known as friture or cafeteria. It mainly sell chips (called «patat» or «friet»). He can be ordered mayonnaise, ketchup, curry sauce (as opposed to the usual curry sauce that tastes like ketchup), peanut sauce (sauce of heated peanut butter), chopped onion, cold applesauce, etc.

Modern Dutch restaurants and cafes in recent years offer mostly meat, vegetables, served with fried potatoes and salad. If you afford to dine in the cafe, you can go to a nice restaurant, where prices are as high. By the way most of the profits obtained from the drinks, so just be careful if you are on a budget.

Wait, when you will be served in the restaurant, have a long time, is not accepted to service quickly. Do not go to the restaurant for a quick meal, but to sit in the evening with family or friends. The service charge is included in the price of food, so do not have to give a tip, but the rounded amount will be quite appropriate.
Traditionally popular dishes Netherlands
Herring, eaten raw (haring). New herring (Hollandse Nieuwe) – seasonal food served in June.
Sweet («zoet») or acute (hartig) pancakes with different fillings, such as apple, syrup, cheese, bacon, etc.
Poffertjes, or small, slightly risen pancakes with butter and powdered sugar (available in special poffertjeshuizen).

Mashed potatoes with onion, carrot and bacon.
Pea soup (erwtensoep) or snert – soup with green peas.
Stroopwafel: two thin slices of waffles with syrup in between. You can buy a pack in supermarkets, as well as freshly prepared on most street markets and specialized stalls.

Chocolate crumb (Hagelslag), it is sprinkled with buttered bread.
Chocolate spread, spread on bread (like Nutella).
Tile plain chocolate.
Dutch peanut butter (spread on bread), which is very different from the American peanut butter. It is also the basis for the Dutch-Indonesian (or “Indo”) sauce sate (satay), which includes a lot of oriental herbs and spices.
Round bread with butter and a slice of cheese, usually served for lunch.
Dutch coffee (black, with a high content of caffeine, are traditionally very hot).
Oranjebitter (orange liqueur, drink only in the Queen’s Birthday), jenever (gin precursor), Dutch beer.
Rookworst (literally “smoked sausage”), previously sold in stalls HEMA, but is now widely represented in supermarkets.
«Limburgse vlaai» (mainly in the south of the Netherlands) – a dozen variants of the cold cake with fruit glaze.

With 16 years can buy drinks with low alcohol (beer, wine, and other strength is not more than 15 °), with 18 – spirits (brandy, whiskey, etc.)


Although the Dutch beer «Heineken» is one of the best beers in the world, in the Netherlands it is only one of many brands. You can purchase all kinds of beer – from light to dark. Popular brand «Heineken», «Grolsch», «Brand», «Bavaria», «Amstel».

Traditional beer recipes date back to the monasteries of the southern Netherlands (Brabant and Limburg) or Belgium. You can visit the brewery, which serves traditional beers, such as «Berkel-Enschot». In Amsterdam, you can visit the location on the windmill brewery called “Vrouwerij ‘t IJ».

It should be noted, large breweries are now owned by «Bavaria», so the recipes for beer there is not quite traditional. Today, most breweries also produce non-alcoholic beer («Bavaria Malt» or «Amstel Malt»), or that does not contain alcohol, or its content is less than 0.5%, it is great for those who drive a car or drink alcohol drinks.


Dutch drink weakly brewed black tea of various kinds, from traditional black to tea with fruit additives. You can apply a tea bag and a cup of hot (but unboiled!) Of water, and you can make tea to your liking. Milk is hardly add, except to children.


If you come to visit, you will always treat you coffee. As soon as you have time to appear at the door, as you will be asked: «Koffie?» It is served in small cups, and cookies. Coffee in the Netherlands in a European firm, and if you’re not a fan of this method of cooking and prefer “American”, the ordering «koffie verkeerd» (which literally translates as “wrong coffee”), you get a French café au lait, less strong and addition of fresh milk.

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate with whipped cream in the Netherlands, to drink in the winter. He really fill you from walking in the cold. You can get it in the summer in any decent bar, but sometimes it will be made from the powder, as opposed to traditional, and will be a completely different taste.


Also popular bitter winter. Bitter beer from Friesland called Beerenburg, selling all over the country. In most other regions also produce their local, less famous variants of a bitter beer.

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