Four applicants knock on bischberg’s door

In order to meet the increased demand for daycare places, the municipality of bischberg has announced the sponsorship of the container daycare center and the long-term fourth daycare center in bischberg. Twelve promoters, mainly from the district of bamberg, have been contacted, and four successful applicants have now been invited to the town hall for a further presentation.

All four applicants submitted strong and sustainable applications in advance and were allowed to present their offers at the last town council meeting of the year. Awo managing director werner dippold was almost able to act as a top dog, after all, the workmen’s welfare association in bischberg alone is the sponsor of eight facilities with over 100 employees. Dippold advertised with the special pedagogical orientation, plus points are further a term of at least 25 years, the support with the initial equipment and the unlimited employment contracts of the employees in full and part time.

The catholic church foundation st. Markus was introduced to the world cup by pastor norbert bergmann and the kindergarten director of st. Markus, ute kraus, represented. A kindergarten under this sponsorship is already established in bischberg since 1953. Ute kraus emphasized the good contacts and cooperation with the parents, specified the educational goals of the semi-stationary facility, which also functions as a training company, and saw it as a primary goal to respond individually to the children.

Third in the group was the bavarian red cross, bamberg district association, with the DRK chairman klaus otto and the department head for social work, michael ruthrof. The german red cross has been running a daycare center as a farm kindergarten, but with more than 200 registrations in the district of wildensorg, it only has 20 places. Humanity, independence, closeness to nature and voluntariness are the focal points of the work, which will also be realized in a new permanent facility.

In secret session

Norbert kern and fred schafer went into detail as representatives of the bamberg-forchheim diaconal organization, which presented itself as a christian provider and training company in day care centers for children and in nursing care for the elderly, with currently 80 trainees. They reported about unpaid projects in the year circle and one had over 800 care places in twelve facilities. Each daycare center has its own profile, the language requirement concept is also noteworthy. The council decided who would be awarded the contract in the following closed session.

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