Germans found a natural cure for hangovers

Scientists conducted an experiment by asking three groups of volunteers to drink and get healthy.

German scientists gathered volunteers and asked them to get drunk for science. The experiment was to calculate which of the three groups of subjects in the morning after the “drinking” will have the fewest symptoms of a hangover.

It was decided to treat the volunteers in three ways. The first group received a solution of herbs:

– Extracts of ginger root, Barbados cherry, opuntia cactus, ginkgo biloba, willow, magnesium, potassium, sodium bicarbonate, zinc, riboflavin, thiamine and folic acid, along with steviolglycosides and inulin. That’s what the study, published by MedicalXpress, said.

The second group received a glucose solution but no herbs, and the third group received a placebo.

The luckiest people in the first group were the most awake in the morning. The number of those who vomited was 42% lower than those in the other groups. Thirty-two percent fewer people had headaches.

Feelings of indifference decreased by an average of 27% and anxiety by 41%, the study said.

The scientists could not explain this effect, but they realized that the reason was due to natural flavonoid compounds of medicinal herbs.

Colleagues of German scientists are struggling to create alcohol that does not cause hangovers.

But scientists from Britain have created alcohol that does not cause intoxication and does not lead to a hangover.

David Nutt, professor at Imperial College London and researcher at Hammersmith Hospital, has already cheered up the consumers and promised that this wonder drink will be available in the next five years.

David Nutt managed to develop an alcohol that did not cause intoxication but still made it possible to feel a state of intoxication.

But here’s the problem: the novelty has a very significant drawback. The alcohol called Alcarelle does not taste very pleasant. However, the scientist continues to work on the formula of the liquid and hopes to improve its taste over time.

At the moment, the liquor is being tested for safety.

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