Milestones in the history of music

Milestones in the history of music

The open-air in the park at the city tower is this year completely in the sign of the 1000-year-celebration. Oliver kunkel presents a colorful program with the maintal symphony orchestra, 160 of his choir students and soloists from the mainfranken theater in wurzburg under the title "millenium musicale. On sunday, 22. July, milestones of music history such as handel’s hallelujah or beethoven’s 3rd symphony will be heard with the help of elaborate lighting technology and projections. Piano concert.
1000 years – how has humanity and culture developed in this time and how is this reflected in music?? Medieval sounds start the evening, compositions by high school graduates connect the original pieces. With entertaining elegance and sovereign wit, the man of the first rude declaration of the christian world lets animal voices interact artfully with each other, before the afflictions of the 16th century. And 17. The europeans of the twentieth century will become small again – small before god and the church, who alone provide salvation.

"Hallelujah" brings salvation

There johann seb. Bach the greatest achievements of human intelligence and creativity in his B minor mass, from which the duet "domine deus" is taken the perfection of outstanding soloists – first and foremost the soprano silke evers – will be heard and choreographed by the chorus children. Before the intermission, handel calls out in "hallelujah" the salvation of man from as if god himself were speaking … A call with 160 children and young people, including an orchestra that plays music with a spring in its step.
These students chose the choir classes at walther-rathenau-gymnasium and -realschule, where they learn singing technique, acting and rough music from scratch with oliver kunkel. Kunkel works intensively with the children and the former choir students of the older years with functional vocal training and strong gestural and mimic participation. Choral work should give young people a sense of their bodies, expressiveness, self-confidence and, of course, artistic skills, and you can see in every fiber of their being how much they enjoy it.
Beethoven’s 3.

Piano concert performed by outgoing rathenau student jareem wilmore, bavarian "jugend musiziert" prize winner at the piano – into the responsibility of the individualized 19. Eighteenth century. Thinking in tones, understanding the world as an individual, living by rules that can be universally valid – by conviction. Answer to the brutalization of our days? The first sentence of the work leaves room for such questions.

Reminders of humanity

In franz schubert’s "leiermann the man freed into individuality falls into loneliness. Also for this, high school graduates have composed extensions that incorporate our musical language and the many chorus children like the symphony orchestra into the piano song.
Countless times in the last 1000 years man has been guilty, and has had to learn from it – has he really?? British composer michael tippett combines the apocalyptic inhumanity of the third reich with the plaintive spirituals of african american slaves. The choir children sing it with soloists, orchestra and choreography – reminders of humanity. And at the end there is the enchanting vision of freedom and love – film music from "the children of monsieur mathieu.
Finally, the new "zeiler hymn" must not be missing from the program – the children do not sing it to a thousand, but 160 and with symphonic accompaniment.
Tickets are available in advance at post-lotto in grobera zeil.

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