Moller wins in central franconia

Moller wins in central franconia

Noah moller from TSV staffelstein won the middle franconian championships in zirndorf over 75 meters, 800 meters and in the long jump. Since the athletics federation of upper franconia did not organize any championships for the age group U14, the staffelsteiner started in zirndorf.

In very hot temperatures it was difficult for the athletes to show their best performance. The boys over 75 meters made the beginning. Here muller set a new personal best with 10.93 seconds. In the long jump he set the next personal best of 4.62 meters. With these two performances he is on place 1 in the current upper franconian best list.

Weather was too extreme

In the final 800-meter run, however, the middle-distance talent, who set a new upper franconian record this summer and is still ranked second in the german best list, had to pay tribute to the hot temperatures. Nevertheless, he won the race by a wide margin and crossed the finish line with a strong time of 2:23.40 minutes. Thus the up-and-coming runner proved his versatility, which made his coaches marion fischer and kurt herbicht more than satisfied

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