More parking spaces in the old town

More parking spaces in the old town

An "application for ecologically sustainable design of additional parking spaces on the former jager site and use of the parking spaces in front of the youth center" CSU faction spokesman michael kastl and his city council colleagues klaus schebler and fabian noth (both neue wege) as well as georg heymann, thomas klemm, thomas meckel and michaela wedemann (all CSU) have put to mayor helmut blank.

In it, the signatories call for the construction of an additional parking deck on the former jager site to be reviewed and the project accelerated. In addition, the possibility of using the parking spaces at the youth center is to be examined. "The proposal is based on a conversation i had with arno reuscher and oliver schikora from the ‘kaufhaus murscht’ trade association", says michael kastl to our newspaper. Above all, many conversations with residents of the old town made the parking problem clear to him. "We fully support this", says klaus schebler.

More and more vehicles

"For years, the city council has been concerned about the increasing shortage of parking spaces in the old town. Any positive decrease in development within the city walls unfortunately always results in a greater demand for and loss of parking spaces at the same time – a dilemma," asserts robert smith, states the motion. Every new household brings at least one, usually even two or more cars, every practice and every business today needs a patient or a car. Customer parking.

"With the plans for the outer and inner lache and the former jager site, the first step has already been taken here to create adequate parking space. In view of the fact that the topping-out ceremony for the new BBZ building was celebrated recently and its commissioning is drawing ever closer, we see an acute need for further action here. Otherwise there is a threat of traffic collapse in parts of the city, both in terms of the limited parking spaces in the old town (which are needed by residents and businesses) and the volume of traffic in the streets around the BBZ", according to michael kastl.

One more parking deck

In addition, there is already not enough parking space available for larger events, as this year’s easter market showed. "Potential visitors had to leave here without having achieved anything, because they could not find a parking space." They therefore also demand an accelerated realization of the parking lot on the former jager property. Specifically, the possibility of adding a parking deck to this parking lot is to be explored. Furthermore, negotiations about the use of the parking lot in front of the youth center are to be started with the augustinians.

"In this way, we were able to create a number of urgently needed parking spaces within a very short time, without having to seal additional valuable areas.

The possible additional costs were more than compensated by the contribution to the ecologically sustainable development of the city", according to the CSU faction spokesman. At the latest with the completion of the parking lots in the lache a new parking guidance system must be introduced, which shows the visitors the correct way to the respective parking lots already in time, in order to avoid unnecessary search traffic.

"We therefore submit the following motion: the administration is commissioned to work with the architectural firm schlicht, lamprecht, schweinfurt, to determine the feasibility and costs of a simple parking deck on the former jagergelande and to present this to the city council at its next meeting. Furthermore, the administration is instructed to coordinate with the government of lower franconia the possibilities of a demand for this urgently needed mabnahme for the further development of the old town." And: "the mayor is instructed to immediately start negotiations with the augustiners about the use of the parking lot in front of the youth center and to present a result to the city council in a timely manner"."

"I have been saying for five years that we need parking spaces", says the chairman of the "kaufhaus murscht" trade association, arno reuscher, in addition. "I think it’s extremely worthwhile that this is now being taken in hand." He expects the proposal not only to create more parking spaces, but also to speed up the process.

It is very positive that more and more houses in the old town are being renovated, attracting new people to the city center. But this makes the parking problem even worse. "We urgently need more parking spaces close to the city", he emphasizes. The jager site is very well suited for this, with an additional parking deck there, the threatening situation can be significantly alleviated.

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