Over 2000 perennial plants for voggendorf

Over 2000 perennial plants for voggendorf

In the district of voggendorf in the municipality of uehlfeld, planting was successfully completed last weekend as part of the village renewal process.

"It has never been like this in voggendorf", a burger woman expressed her joy.

After all, the small part of the village is now richer by more than 2000 perennial plants, and more than 100 trees and shrubs were also planted. In the run-up the employees of the building yard uehlfeld with their gardener mrs. Marz-fahrmann had cleared the plant beds from bushes and prepared the ground for the planting. Then came the trees and shrubs.

In a rough planting action first all perennials were distributed on the intended beds. This was done under the supervision of mrs. Bartsch, an employee of the muller-maatsch planning office. After that, it was up to the citizens of voggendorf: everyone had to do the planting in front of their house themselves. Who was not in the position, that was supported by the neighbor. Volunteers from voggendorf helped with the planting of the public areas, which totaled more than 130 square meters.

All participants were quite satisfied with the course of the planting action. That’s why there was a short photo session on wednesday, during which a voucher was presented to the building yard employees as a token of appreciation for the work they had done. The planned closing dinner had to be postponed for corona reasons.

Markus lehmann as chairman of the village association voggendorf and mirjam prechtel-knapp as plant master had jointly presented the voucher to the bauhof employees.

Mayor werner stocker said that he was pleased about the energetic commitment of many citizens and thanked all those involved.

In the spring, the sowing of the blood mixtures on the remaining flat areas takes place. Then it’s time to dig and take care of the plants. Someone from the ranks of the people of voggendorf has already been found to do the work. Next year, the citizens of voggendorf want to take care of the maintenance of the park together again, under the leadership of mrs. Marz-fahrmann

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