Rough rush to the games

Rough rush to the games

No bits and bytes – nowhere on the tables in the vastness of the city hall. Instead, games to touch, to romp, to puzzle with. If you didn’t know it was 2018, on saturday you might have thought you were back in the 80s.

Charlotte leads the way. The eight-year-old from bad staffelstein only found out from her mother on friday that she would be at the games fair the next day. Their reaction? "I just went on eating my lunch."

This does not sound like enthusiasm, but far from it. The child could not imagine anything about it, explains her mother. But now charlotte has an idea of what it’s like, because she walked around the hall, which was huge for her, became a human part of a giant-sized kicker, went inside coarse air cushion balls and even wore glasses that gave her a pretty good idea of how "dumb" she was it is to be drunk. She didn’t regret the fact that there were no computer games here: "I like playing hupfburg a lot more than playing soccer."

Uschi sunkel is an administrative employee at the kreisjugendring (KJR). Over her desk and through her telephone line inquiries went out and answers came in. For example, games publishers who explained to her whether and how many games they would lend to the KJR for this biennial event, or whether they would leave them to the KJR completely. A green list shows six sheets printed on both sides, a list of all the social games available in the hall: 304 there are. "They also send us the latest games", adds nadine. The stock of the KJR in such things is enormous and is now at 300. But it doesn’t cost anything to ask, and in the meantime uschi sunkel has found out how she can get the publishers to do it: "i always hypocritically ask when they want to get the (rental games) back, and then they sometimes say: oh, keep them if you like." After all, this is also advertising for the publishers.

Sunkels daughter is already out of the roughest, is even already twen. But when this event comes up, even this young woman has to bow down, as uschi sunkel laughingly explains. "You are there, today is game fair – that is 26." In the family actually have a 60. Birthday in the offing. It was postponed because of the games.

Five rows of tables

In the foyer you can see the construction of trams and traffic lights. Children ride on buggies and imitate road traffic. For them, this is the most beautiful form of pedagogy, because it is imperceptible. In the main wing of the city hall, the children do not have to be taken to play first. Five rows of tables are set up, offering hundreds of seats.

On this day, mothers and fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles and, of course, the children sit at the tables. The spectacle is supported by the bayerischer sportbund, by the municipal youth work, by the kreisverkehrswacht, by gymnastics clubs, the dekanatsjugend michelau and a total of 16 institutions. All associations and clubs that are members of the KJR.

Some of them had cake service. Actually no problem, if you don’t "sell out six times" between 11 a.M. And 6 p.M as uschi sunkel recalculates, there were. Although the calculation was based on the number of guests from last time two years ago, the amount of cakes, sausage sandwiches, pretzels and vienna sausages that went over the counter had to be bought in between. This circumstance also amazed anne fischer. "I only know that we have never had it like this year", so the honorary helping woman to the rush.

The fact that this time the attendance was "record-breaking" was not a surprise britta klett from the youth club in altenkunstadt also heard that the pins had been astonishing. She also finds the concept successful, according to which there are no computerized games here. "It was nice to sit together and not have mom playing on her cell phone, the child watching TV and dad on his laptop." The young woman definitely attaches the value of familiar community experience to the event. And she made an observation: "there were many nations represented." Two weeks ago, according to the social pedagogue, she mentioned the games fair to muslims at the job center and introduced seven of them to her. Of these in turn five had come.

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