Small runner very roughly

Small runner very roughly

Already for the 19. For the first time, the weekend of the france-switzerland marathon began with the so-called "bambini run", where the youngest got in the mood for the sporting gross event on sunday.

Michael cipura did not accompany markus schmitt through the program this time, but together with peter lassner from forchheim. "Markus apologizes, but he has to support the club at the home game", cipura explains the absence.

Very young participants

About 300 participants were registered again this year for the pre-event of the france-switzerland marathon. Much to the delight of organizer-spokesman toni eckert. The bambini races are growing in popularity from year to year. The youngest participants in the 500-meter race in front of the schwane inn were just three years old. The age groups represented ranged all the way up to seventeen to eighteen-year-olds. Also the adults from the age of 21 years were allowed to show their skills at the "one-tenth-marathon" put to the test.

Mayor christiane meyer (NLE) was also on site to give the runners "the blessing of the city" to take along on the track, as moderator michael cipura put it.

Tears were dried

Colleague peter lassner had a hard time keeping the kids from an early start. By the way: there were slips at the start of the bambinis as well as at the start of the girls and boys in the later age groups. One participant stumbled, the next two tumbled over the "living obstacles". The influx of tears was stopped by the parents who rushed to the scene and not only helped their children back on their feet, but also accompanied them for a few meters until the sporting ambition of the young runners was rekindled.

Even with the little ones there were already some who had internalized the absolute will to win. Others trotted leisurely into the goal, according to the motto: "to be there is everything." It was a similar story for the adults as well. The ambitions ranged from "absolutely under 15 minutes", up to "wurscht, as peter lassner found out.

Many happy faces

Nevertheless the joy was enormous, when the winners were allowed to take their trophies in receipt. Christina gotz (11) from leutenbach won the girls’ bambini race.

She won ahead of anna van westbroek and leni siebenhaar, also from leutenbach.Elias rabel (11) from the spvgg durrbunn/unterleinleiter was at the top of the boys’ winner’s list. Behind them came raphael jahn from eggolsheim and tim maisel from bayreuth county.

The school run C was won by simon nanke from TSV neunkirchen am brand, ahead of noah moller from staffelstein and david barnreuther. The winner of the school race D heib jan hartmann. He prevailed over michael bongarts of the LG forchheim and maximilian wicklein from neunkirchen am brand. The "tenth marathon" klaus reichel decided with a time of 14 minutes and 48 seconds, ahead of obidin veliscu, who was only two seconds slower. Third place went to sebastian braick from effeltrich. Upon reaching the finish line, reichel was very happy that he had achieved his goal of staying under 15 minutes. "I am very happy at the moment", he gasped.

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