Ten years of guitar masters: looking back and looking forward

Ten years of guitar masters: looking back and looking forward

Reinhold deinhardt is on cloud nine when the jubilee concert takes place: in the 10. In the 20th year of guitar masters he has conjured up a best-of program on stage, which completely fulfills his expectations and those of the audience. All world class guitarists of the past masters years followed his call.

It all started with coryell

All but one: larry coryell, the american jazz rock legend , died in 2017. He was a major reason why the guitar enthusiast deinhardt organized the first masters in 2008. Coryell and other guitar gods of the jazz, fingerpicking and bossa nova scene are to perform together in germany. Not just anywhere, but in reichenberg. This is deinhardt’s dream.

But to get the stars of the scene interested in the wurzburg suburb, you need a draft horse. And coryell of all people, who has played with all the jazz greats of this world, lets himself be harnessed by him. Year after year the texan flies in. To be able to play with the master, other top musicians also make a detour to reichenberg – some because they are on tour in europe anyway; others book a direct flight from south america or japan to frankfurt and back.

The musicians’ reward

Your reward: a meeting of talents rarely found in one evening. And so new constellations of colleagues form again and again, who know each other but have never played together before. Guitar-loving audiences don’t miss such unique opportunities: the 400-capacity wolffskeelhalle may have a robust charm, but the fact that you can talk to the musicians in the checkroom or at the bar is what makes it so appealing. And you can get close to the stage if you arrive in time and get a front seat.

There you can hear the famous pin drop during a performance, at least during the quiet passages, because the listeners, mostly of mature age, are listening with great concentration as the musicians unfold their talents. When a piece is finished, loud enthusiasm breaks out. This rhythm – only interrupted by short breaks – lasts for five hours, sometimes six. It depends on the enthusiasm of the musicians in the changing constellations. And it is usually rough in reichenberg. "It’s a pleasure" doesn’t sound like a platitude there, but like a confession and a thank you.

On the road at many festivals

How does reinhold deinhardt achieve this?? For decades he has been on the road at guitar festivals in many countries, listening to his artists. First criterion for selection is his personal taste. The second one: to find a popular bandwagon for the audience. The third: he wants to bring musicians on stage who have not yet played together, so that something new is born.

Deinhardt plans a guitar masters evening meticulously: who can play with whom?? Which numbers should be there? What meets the taste of the audience? Which changes have to come when? His concert follows a strict dramaturgy. This goes so far that he sometimes gives the musicians "suggestions" as to what they should play. Normally the artists don’t like that so much, but they forgive "reinhold" a lot. Probably because they sense that someone in reichenberg has so much expertise, feeling and commitment that they can hardly refuse him a wish. That explains why they play pieces "for reinhold" again and again.

The ride on the razor’s edge

But the masters is always a financial ride on the razor’s edge. Ticket and ticket sales do not cover the costs for the stars of the scene. So deinhardt has to acquire donations and apply for grants, so that his events work out plus minus zero. And he also needs helpers to lend a hand when the concert is coming up. 25 to 30 volunteers have lent a hand since deinhardt founded a cultural association to support him. Most of the work, of course, is left to him: booking artists, looking after them, fetching them from the airport by car, arranging accommodation, working out the program, booking equipment and always reacting to last-minute problems: one musician gets on the wrong train, another needs an instrument in a hurry. . .

Work up to the neck and too little sleep for days on end: all this means that the impresario is completely exhausted every time after the master’s performance. Often, on the evening of the concert, the legendary sentence is uttered: "I don’t know if I’ll do this again"."

Worries and fears

The exhaustion was coupled with the fear of no longer being able to offer an increase in the number of candidates. And that’s why the perfectionist says: "it’s not because i don’t have any more fun, but rather because i’m afraid of being unimaginative and worrying that i won’t be able to keep up the level the next time around."

The glimmer of hope

A worry that has always been unfounded. The wolffskeelhalle is full every time – a sign that people enjoy this event again and again. And new listeners are growing up who will eventually be infected by the guitar masters virus – just like the artists who make the annual pilgrimage to reichenberg. The woman deinhardt and therefore he goes mentally already the options for 11. Times 2019 through. Finally comes the sentence that all the fans are waiting for: "I will try and keep at it."

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