What to do in Spain

What to do in Spain

Festivals in Spain

Spain – a country of festivals, there are annually held dozens of such events. Festivals cover all genres of art. The most ambitious of these are listed below. If you plan to spend a lot of time in the capital of Catalonia, you should refer to “Festivals and parades in Barcelona.”
June – July. International Music Festival in Granada: concerts, operetta, classical and modern dance and flamenco
The second half of July – the first half of August. International Music Festival in Santander: music, dance, theater
End of June – August. Theatre Festival in Merida: classical Greco-Latin and Mediterranean theater
September. National Festival of classical theater in Almagro: classic Spanish and world theater
Mid-September – early October. Autumn festival in Madrid: concerts, opera, drama, classical and modern dance
July. Jazz Festival in San Javier
August. International Vocal Festival Habaneras in Torrevieja

Fiesta in Spain

Fiesta – public events at the national or religious holidays. In Spain, such events are numerous, and they are a big way. The most famous fiestas listed below.
Holiday Fallas in Valencia (March 19): burning Fallas – large dolls made of papier-mache, bullfighting
Holy Week (Semana Santa): the solemn procession to the south, in Seville, Malaga, Granada, Murcia
The April Fair (10 days after Easter): a spring festival in Seville; seviltsy dance the night away, eating and drinking in the streets
Fiesta ST. Isidro (May 15): the festival patron saint of Madrid, bullfighting (the largest bullfighting season), folk festivals with music and dancing
Feast of San Fermin (the second week of July): Running thrill on a city street in front of wild bulls and bullfighting in Pamplona
Mystery of Elche (14-15 August): theatrical Assumption (Valencia)
La Mesa (September 24): A feast in honor of the patron saint of Barcelona, during which one of the attractions is the construction of a “human pyramid” and “running lights” and the procession, with huge pieces of paper mache
Fiesta “Moors and Christians” – a grand spectacle with a colorful show and fireworks. On the largest scale is held in Alkoe. Time – April, but these extravaganzas are spread throughout the year in many cities
Fiesta “Bonfires of St. Juan” (the night of 24 June) – a grand celebration with bonfires, colorful processions and fireworks. The culmination of the festival happens in Alicante, where on top of a mountain Benakatil large fire lit palm

Surfing in Spain

Spanish coast in the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands (in the first place, the island of Lanzarote) are quite interesting places for surfers varying degrees of preparedness.

The Basque Country

San Sebastian and located around the beaches traditionally attract many surfers not only for its waves, and nightlife – there are plenty of great bars and restaurants, famous for its food and drink. Total Basque Country boasts about three dozen different surf spots, no such can be known as French Biarritz, but more than decent – with different types of breaks and a height of Maxwell. Some spots (Mundaka, Playa Salvaje, etc.) are designed for advanced surfers, and some, like Aiskorri (with beach-break, but with stones) and El Sitio with point-break, it is available for beginners.


This mountainous region is located in north-west Spain, and he has a mottled cliffs coast with many “oases” in the form of sandy beaches suitable for a good ride. Many of the area known as the Green Coast, where you can enjoy surfing virtually alone as an online is not loaded. Basically this type of wave and beach-break point break. The most famous spot include Patos and Pantin.


Lanzarote – one of the Canary Islands, which is sometimes called the “European Hawaii” due to excellent conditions for surfing. The best time for beginners – in the summer, when the waves are not too high, but there may be large crowds. Good spot to learn surfing, are Playa Famara and El Risco with beach-breaks. For experienced surfers, there are many spots with reef break, located in different parts of the island.

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