What to see and to do in France

What to see and to do in France

Undoubtedly, the main attractions are the French in Paris – it’s the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, a repository of the world’s masterpieces – the Louvre, Notre Dame, Montmartre, Luxembourg Gardens … shows what is interesting in the French capital, we will not, this site has information about the city of Paris, where you can read (and see photos and a location map) about the sights of Paris, about the museums of Paris, about the cathedrals of Paris and many more. Here are some interesting places outside the capital city of France, because the entire country is something to see.

Chartres, Notre-Dame Cathedral

Chartres Cathedral of Notre Dame (80 km from Paris, Ayr and Loire) was built in the 12th century and is one of the major Gothic cathedrals of France. Today the cathedral works, is a Catholic church and a place of excursions. At the site of the existing church was Romanesque basilica, which burned down in the middle of the XII century.


Located near Paris (20 km), Versailles was founded in the 17th century. Posh Palace in the past served as the summer residence of the kings of France, and a place on important state affairs. Today Versailles – a popular tourist destination. Noteworthy Armory Square and the garden with fountains, which were once the subject of admiration and even envy of some rulers.

Castles of the Loire

Set (from an estimated 300 other traditional Loire castles only count 42) locks on the banks of the Loire River – popular among residents and visitors to France. Of great beauty, with castles as the selection luarskogo lined shore. Each of them has a story about each one can write a lot.

The most famous and best preserved of the locks:

City of Carcassonne

Carcassonne – a medieval town in the province of Languedoc Roussillon. The city is one of the main attractions of France – the ancient castle, which is the largest in Europe. Length fortified walls of 3 km, and the number of towers than 50. Major achievement of military defense architecture reflects the power and strength. The ancient fortress can hold multiple locks – sized hit at all times and travelers, and soldiers and merchants.

City of Rocamadour

Built in the middle of the rocks, Rocamadour is a religious center, where in ancient times was buried St. Amoudara. Tourist routes through the Grand Escalier Stairway to the city or the way of the cross to the center of the castle from the 14th century. The main symbol of the city is the stone statue of the Black Madonna, which rises above the rock. Rocamadour is famous large number shrines, which include Chapel of Notre-Dame, the tomb of Amoudara, the basilica of Saint-Sauveur and others.

Papal Palace in Avignon

City of Avignon, located in the province of Provence (Southern France), famous, above all, the papal palace. The palace was reconstructed several times and completed, as a result became the largest of the Gothic buildings in Europe. Excursions to the Papal Palace spend the time, to visit almost all the rooms are open, wine lovers will be interested in the wine cellar and tasting the famous Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Reims Cathedral

To the north-east of Paris, in the Champagne-Ardenne, is the magnificent Gothic cathedral of Reims. Cathedral appeared in the 13th century on the site of the burned earlier building. During the existence of the cathedral is crowned 25 French royalty. Council refers to the list of World Heritage Sites.

Rouen Cathedral

Rouen and its famous cathedral is a two-hour drive west of the French capital. Rouen Cathedral is crowned with a spire, which is the highest in the country. Tour Lanterne, or tie with a lamp built in the 19th century, is remarkable bronze lace trim. Inside there is a small spire bell tower, the top of which is decorated with 56 bells.

Gardens of Villandry castle

Natural garden Villandry castle, created in the 16th century, is very important from the point of view of garden art. Dr. Joachim Carvallo – last owner of gardens that recreate an abandoned area at the exact image. Beautiful gardens located on the slope of a small terrace. Such a construction of the park is typical of the Renaissance. Fully garden can be visited from the balcony of the tower or castle of Villandry. There are three levels of gardens, which were placed in six groups: vegetable garden, a love garden, herb garden, a music garden, garden tiles and water garden. All gardens are unique in their aesthetic design and colors. Within each garden has a label with information about the group of plants.

Garden of Claude Monet

The city is famous Giverny gardens of Claude Monet, who at one time was interested in gardening. In the 19th century, the great artist bought a house in Giverny and began to look for a local garden. Read professional literature, created an artificial pond, bred lilies and other flowers. Leaving a lot of plants, Monet created a colorful carpet of various colors – no geometry and clean lines, all the colors intertwined and fused in different colors. The artist was inspired by many Monet paintings depict the very lilies on a pond. Today the garden is open to the public. In the territory of a beautiful garden there are rare plants brought both by Monet and his friends. For example, Japanese peonies and bamboo were imported specifically for the artist.

Garden Christian Dior

Fragrance Garden – so called garden of Christian Dior. It is located in Granville near the site of the birthplace of the famous designer. In addition to the fragrant roses in the garden there is a cognitive fashion museum devoted entirely to the life and work of the house.

Wine provinces of France

Speaking of wine, take a look at the wine provinces of France – Burgundy, Bordeaux, Medoc, Provence, and others.

In all these regions, there are museums and wineries, where the best tasting drinks. Cotes de Provence, Bandol and Cotes du Rhone, Chateau Margaux, Medoc, Pessac Leonyan, gravel, from-Briyon, Soterne, Beyshevel, St. Julien – tourist spot, which will tell about the history of wine and coffee making secrets of the gods.

Picturesque wine territory Bordeaux (Aquitaine) is surrounded by a vineyard. The vineyards stretch from the right bank of the Gironde to the tributaries of the rivers Garonne and Dordogne. In addition to wine in Bordeaux for a long time made a delicious brandy.

Going further, it is worth to visit the wine regions of Burgundy and Chablis, Beaujolais and Côte d’Or. Province with plantations of grapes are famous for its red wine, a real taste of which can be felt on the tasting.

Neither wine tour of France is not complete without a visit to the Champagne region – the province, which is the historic home of sparkling wine – champagne. Only here can you try a light sparkling wine produced in local factories and never exported outside of France.

What to do  in France

Being a popular tourist destination, France is an ideal country for lessons not only sightseeing holiday, business tours and shopping, and beach recreation, skiing, exciting game of golf, as well as treatment at the best spa resorts in France.

Beach Holidays
One of the beaches on the French Riviera

Top French Riviera resorts welcome guests with sun, warm Mediterranean sea, entertainment and excellent service. Among the well-known resorts are the most visited Nice, Cannes, St Tropez and more.

Beach vacation in the Riviera edges fit different categories of tourists – and young people and couples, and leisure travelers with children. Along the coast, gradually moving away to the east of Nice, sandy beaches give way to gravel. Most of the beaches and the city free except for those owned hotels. The price includes a private beach includes using sunbeds and umbrellas.

Beach vacation can be combined with the night and secular parties. Among all the prestigious resort highlights of Saint Tropez. It is this elite resort love from all over the world. Villas of many celebrities are in sunny St. Tropez. In high season, the resort is boiling real social life, and the various meetings and parties which are perfect for relaxing on sandy beach Cote d’Azur.

Youth tourism in Nice will give the most vivid and pleasant experience. Luxury hotels, a casino entertainment, delicious meals in the best restaurants and all this against the backdrop of scenic beauty and amazing architecture. Rare holiday complete without visiting the Bay of Angels, Central Square Massena and beautiful parks and gardens on the slopes and foothills of the Alps.

Golf in France

France is considered the country’s course. There are more than 500 fields of golf, including the field, designed by the best architects in the world.

In XIX century, golf is becoming a popular hobby (and for whom, and sports), in many provinces of France. Golf courses with places very different complexity – a familiar part of the picturesque landscape of the country.

From year to year competitions in the game of golf, and for this there are all the conditions. The best sites are in the area, Laura, Cote d’Azur, Brittany, Provence and Normandy. So quiet holiday in France can be perfectly combined with golf lessons. This game will be doubly interesting because of the fantastic conditions and magnificent landscape, against which there are fields.

Do not worry about the equipment – everything you need, including the form, can be rented on the spot. It offers beginners and those who want to improve the skills of golf, experienced instructors. They will give a master class or train game techniques.

Ski Holidays

Ski holidays in France – a popular pastime in the winter. In this case, France – one of the top ski holiday destinations in the world. A large number of ski resorts in France are located in the Alps: a world-famous names Chamonix, Courchevel, and other equally wonderful resorts.

Today, many ski resorts in France the best in Europe. Every year there are international competitions, tournaments and cultural events.

In addition to ski directly to the guests – snowboard, sled, ice skating, bowling, squash, descent by parachute and other mountain and okologornye aktiviti.

Some ski resorts are located in the glacial zone, so the corresponding weather conditions allow to ride all year round.

Health tourism

Beach in Biarritz

Among the best health resorts in France – Biarritz, Dax, Brittany, Vichy.

The climate and the presence of minerals beneficial to the development of thalassotherapy. This treatment helps to get rid of such diseases as weakened immunity, joint pain and problems with being overweight.

Above all, in the famous spa with treatments using minerals and supplements to help get rid of kidney, liver, intestine, and ENT diseases.

Patients undergo various procedures, including contrast showers, underwater massage, seaweed and sea therapy and mud baths.

Vichy resort, located in the 3-hour drive from the capital of Paris, world famous for the beauty products, developed on the basis of natural components. Vichy cosmetics used around the world, and the basis of its use for the treatment of diseases in health centers Vichy – “House”, “Kala” and “Celestin.”
Surfing in France

In France, as in the case of the Basque Country, surfers flock to the coast of the Bay of Biscay, just in the Basque region, where the legendary resort of Biarritz.

French resort Biarritz has a long history, as in the middle of XIX century in these areas noted by Napoleon III. Biarritz today is considered the cradle of European surfing, which began to gain popularity here since the mid 50’s. The best places to get on board – the beaches are La Grande Plage, La Côtes des Basques with whip-break, Plage de Marbella with reef breaks. Summer in Biarritz are crowded, so get to the line up is not easy, but the period from September to November is considered optimal. In addition, the resort is boiling cultural life, which is also a significant advantage Biarizz.

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