What to see in Indonesia

What to see in Indonesia

Komodo Island

Visiting the island of Komodo National Park, you can see for the last dinosaur left on Earth – the huge monitor lizards of Komodo. These lizards are found only in this country, and only on these islands, the amazing diversity of flora and fauna. The largest specimen in the wild reaches a length of 3 meters and weighed 160 kg. The Reserve monitors weigh about 70 kg, and the length of the tail is half the length of the entire body. These lizards are brown and eat only meat of large animals. Sometimes lizards tend to cannibalism – they eat their young offspring. A powerful tail, sharp claws and teeth cutting they can kill and tear apart the adult bull. There are cases of attacks on humans monitors. Of hotels on the island, almost none.

There are several ways to visit the island. One of them – a three-day tour of the island of Lombok to Flores with a stop at Komodo overnight. This tour will cost around 200-300 dollars. Another popular way – is to fly to the western city of Flores Labuanbazho on a plane and have to move the boat to Komodo. The boat, with capacity for 6 people, worth $ 170. The tour will include a landing on the island of Komodo and Rinke, meals and snorkeling in the nearby areas. Just three days on the island access to the National Park is $ 5. As well as collecting the maintenance reserve of $ 20 with an adult and $ 10 per child. A short guided tour is included in the cost of access to the park. If you want to spend a whole day exploring the island, you have to pay $ 5 to $ 30 per guide. For this fee, he will take you deep into the park and show all the unusual and interesting places, looking for you Komodo lizards. All guides are English-speaking, and from them you will gather a lot of information about the diversity of the flora and fauna of the island. Further permission to use the camera will cost you $ 3.

Bromo volcano

Bromo volcano, located in the west of the island of Java, perhaps the most spectacular sight in the whole of Indonesia. It is named after the great Hindu god Brahma and to this day on the northern slope of the volcano there is an ancient Hindu temple. Bromo and his brothers grew up volcanoes in place long ago exploded Tengger volcano that formed after the eruption of the caldera of 11 km.

There are three points of observation, with a view of the Bromo volcano (2392 m) and his brothers Batok (2,440 m) and the course (2581 m). Not far from them is Semeru volcano (3676 m), which is the highest point of the island of Java, as well as one of the most active volcanoes. Travel agencies in Solo and Yogyakarta arrange tours to the volcano Bromo. The cost is about $ 12 per person. The trip by bus is the middle class.

You can also get to Bromo from Malang city, the closest major city. If you want yourself to come to the volcano, you will need to come to town Probolingo, located at the foot of the volcano. At the crest of the crater is Chemoro Lawang village, where you can stop. The volcano decided to go at night to be during dawn is on the point of view. Walk from the village of numerous small buses that 15-30 thousand rupees will take you to the point of observation.


Of the attractions of the capital of Indonesia can distinguish the old town. In this area there is the old port of Sunda Kelapa, known since the 12th century. The special charm attached moored in a row, the brightly colored sailboats. Not far from the port, you can visit three museums: the Jakarta History Museum, the Museum Falahillaha and the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics.

Glodok is located in the area of Chinatown. Chinese, were trading of china, have appeared in Indonesia in the 18th century. Walking through the streets of Chinatown, you will find traditional Chinese temples, the oldest of which Jin De Yuan. Also, these streets are full of Chinese shops and restaurants.

In the heart of the capital on an area of freedom legendary marble monument erected Monas. Emblazoned on its top brass torch on the gilding of which was spent 35 kg of gold. He is the national symbol of strength, resilience and independence. Take the lift to the 132-meter height, you get to the observation deck with stunning views of the city.


This is perhaps the most prominent Buddhist temple in Indonesia, which stands on a par with Angkor Wat Cambodian and Burmese Bagan. It is located in the central part of the island of Java, near the city of Yogyakarta. The temple was built between 750 and 850 years BC. e. and is a symmetrical square stupa area 13,925 square meters (118 m X 118 m). In the construction of the church was involved two million stone blocks. When looking at the Borobudur air can observe three dimensional tantric mandala (symbolic circular shape). To get to the top of the structure is necessary to climb the stairs up to four. In the church there are 432 statues seated Buddha, 72 of which are visible only in part, because it is covered with stone stupas. There is a belief that if you reach out and touching the Buddha sitting in a mortar with closed eyes, make a wish, it is certainly true. After time, many statues were beheaded because of past earthquakes in the region. Also been known to steal the Buddha’s head as the most valuable pieces of the temple. Entrance to the church is $ 12. Time to visit from 6 am to 5-30 pm. You may want to hire a guide (about $ 6).

National Park Ujung Pendant

Park is under the protection of UNESCO. Total area – about 760 square kilometers Located in the south-west of the island of Java. This park is unique in that it lives in a dying form of Java-horned rhino, which at the moment there are about 50 individuals. Also in the park is home to a large number of gibbons, squirrels, wild boars, otters, leaf monkeys, panthers, crocodiles. In the park there are several hotels where you can stay. Entrance to the park is 60,000 rupees (about $ 7).

Krakatau Volcano

This volcano is the legendary volcano in the world. It is located at a distance of 50 km from the coast of West Java, and 40 km from the coast of southern Sumatra. In our time, Krakatoa is a group of small islands in the center, called Anak Krakatau, which means child. You can get there by boat, which can be hired in the coastal town Charita or Sanur. The cost will be between 150 and 200 dollars depending on the size of the boat and your ability to bargain. You can land on the east coast, and then proceed up to 150 meters deep in the direction of the crater. In periods of increased activity of the volcano do not: there were known cases of destruction of tourists under boulders of volcanic eruptions.

The largest eruption of Krakatoa began August 26, 1883. During the eruption of the volcano threw himself about 20 cubic kilometers of hot volcanic rock, and a column of ash up to 80 km in altitude. According to some reports the ash settled on the territory of Singapore, which is located 840 km north of the volcano. But the worst thing – it’s a tsunami, which arose as a consequence of the eruption. 40 meter wave reached the coast of Sumatra and Java. It was wiped out 165 villages, the death toll has reached 36 thousand. Ash settled on for 3 years. After the eruption the volcano destroyed itself, forming three parts. Later above sea level began to appear new volcano Krakatoa-old child. Every year it grows and erupts.


The city became a haven for the many talented people in the arts of the country, and thus in the exhibition halls, in parks and on the streets are organized exhibitions of painting, film, photography and other art forms. Location of the city is the most convenient for visiting the great temples of Borobudur and Parambanan.

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