Will you become rich or will you stay poor?

Happiness is not about money, and the best things in life are free.

But it’s not so easy to enjoy life if finances are singing a song. But maybe it’s just a temporary setback.

Take this quiz and you’ll find out if you can get rich. And don’t fudge it. Remember, you’re doing it for yourself.

After each question, you have only 10 seconds to decide which answer suits you best. Choose one option, and you will see the number of points at the end of the article.

Are you ready to look into the future? Then go for it!

1. You have won a fortune in the lottery.
Your actions:

(a) Immediately start looking for where to invest your money. (30 points)

b) throw a couple of huge parties, buy a yacht like Abramovich’s. (20 points)

c) Donate all my money to charity. After all, I did not earn it. (10 points)

2. Imagine that you have only two qualities:
(a) Rich and greedy. (30 points)

b) poor and handsome. (20 points)

c) ordinary and smart (10 points).

3. Suppose you have 500 rubles for lunch at work or school.
How will you dispose of them:

a) take lunch from home and save the money (30 points)

b) spend the money on food, that’s what it’s for (10 points)

c) Buy myself something else. Of course I will have to starve for a while, but I will get some nice upgrades. (20 points)

4. You really want to buy something expensive, which you will do:
(a) I’ll take a credit card and buy it. (10 points)

b) wait until the price goes down and only then buy. (30 points)

c) most likely start saving money. (20 points).

5. You have received an invitation to two weddings, but you only have one suitable costume.
What will you do:

(a) What’s the problem, I’ll wear the same outfit twice. (20 points)

b) buy a new suit, naturally. How can you appear twice in the same outfit? (10 points)

c) I’ll buy a new one if I can find something inexpensive. (30 points)

6. What cell phone do you have?
a) The same one as 4 years ago, if it is not broken yet…(20 points)

b) not the newest model, but with all necessary functions. (30 points)

c) only the best advanced, and I’m going to buy a new one as soon as the next model comes out. (10 points)

7. What level of education would you like to have:
(a) Degrees are overrated, plus I can’t stand studying a bunch of unnecessary subjects. (10 points)

b) I won’t stop until I get at least a master’s degree. (30 points)

c) a bachelor’s degree is more than enough for me. (20 points)

8. What would happen if someone gave you a million dollars:
(a) I would buy all the things I dream of. (10 points)

b) It’s good, but it’s unlikely to make a difference. (30 points)

c) I will definitely be happier. (20 points)

9. What will you do with a free rather large amount of money:
(a) Invest it immediately. (30 points)

b) don’t need to spend it immediately, I’ll keep it. (20 points)

c) get started! attention! shopping! (10 points)

10. what do you think of your job? Or, if you don’t have one yet, but you’re still likely to think about it:
(a) A job is like a job, I can pay the bills and that’s fine. (10 points)

b) I’ve managed to turn a hobby into a successful career, and it brings me joy. (30 points)

c) I love what I do, even if I don’t get much money for it. (20 points)

Test Results:
If you scored between 100 and 150 points your mode is perpetual savings. You may be working in a low-paying job, or you may be squandering every paycheck in a burst of irrepressible shopping. If this keeps up, you won’t become rich, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be happy. You love what you do, you definitely know how to live in the moment.

You take everything from life, and you give back your optimism for it. Your motto is, “Life is short – let’s take a walk!”

If your score is between 160 and 220, you’re enjoying

financial comfort. You’re certainly not swimming in money, but your life is quite peaceful financially.

You don’t have to save up to make a purchase. You always have enough money to pay the bills and even have something left over to spend on nice things. In general, you have enough money – that’s for sure!

And if your total is between 230 and 300 points, look in the mirror! Can you see the Future Millionaire?

If you keep your current attitude and lifestyle, you have a chance to get rich.


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