With unbounded upward momentum

With unbounded upward momentum

World classic, flap, the second. The second concert evening of the series newly introduced in the wicker city also featured fluent musical delicacies. In the center: a flugel and someone with world renown who knows about it. On sunday mikhail mordvinov gave a guest performance in the former synagogue.

Well, there were not as many visitors as at the opening two weeks ago. But 50 of them prove that sunday evenings in lichtenfels can be spent with piano music. This time with the moscow-born mordvinov, who now lives in berlin and speaks excellent german.

Stage fright? When asked about this a quarter of an hour before the concert began, he explained that he did not yet have one. It was placed in a temporary resting area in the foyer, which was created in conjunction with a wall. He had never heard of lichtenfels before and there will be no time for a stroll either. And the fact that lichtenfels is not berlin, paris or moscow does not bother him at all. "The fact that the thing is not so coarse. The hall with the podium is also like a rough concert", he explained laughing and did not spare with praise for the place of performance. Later, the city archivist christine wittenbauer, who buried the audience, was to put this into other words and here above all into one thing: "salon atmosphere".

What the man did on the flugel sounded special in his furor, especially when the mood changed.

If he had just emphasized the dancing in beethoven’s andante in F major, he took a particularly demanding approach to the minor phrasing. Somehow, one would like to get the impression that this man represents elevation onomatopoetically differently than known, more unbanded, using a very own touch. Especially with beethoven’s "rage over the lost penny". Between beethoven, schubert, schumann, tchaikovsky and rachmaninov, mordvinov shone, who at times seemed to comment humorously on his actions with mimicry. Lichtenfels will remain in his memory. This is what the man shares with roland mersburger from stein near nurnberg, who attended the opening two weeks ago and drove to the city of coburg again to attend the concert.

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