Young theater forchheim threatens to fail

Young theater forchheim threatens to fail

The young theater forchheim (JTF) needs around 10,000 euros to keep the theater going in the last quarter of 2012. JTF chairman wolfram weltzer also reiterated to the finance committee on tuesday that a professional program in the future "cannot be done on a voluntary basis could be put on the fube. The circart festival at the weekend was the symbolic crowning of a 20-year development.
Weltzer said that the kind of theater work that hubert forscht and, most recently, lorenz deutsch had done could no longer be done on a 400-euro basis. "Without professionals we will collapse programmatically."

Despite this appeal, the majority of the finance committee was not prepared to add 10,000 euro for this year. However, mayor franz stumpf (CSU/WUO) indicated that he would not let the young theater hang, and that he would find a financial solution for the overprinting of the theater in 2012; franz stumpf wants to present this solution to the city council on 30 june 2012. November present.

But the debate about this subsidy was only a side issue of a much more fundamental question that the city council still has to answer: can the young theater count on 50,000 euros a year for a full-time cultural manager starting in 2013?? This manager was then hired in cooperation with the city to maintain the existing theater structures in forchheim. Whereby the JTF chairman weltzer noted that there could be other financial backers besides the city.

There is a threat of the B-class

in the finance committee it repeatedly sounded that in the course of the savings cuts at the associations, the young theater should not expect more money either. Gerhard meixner (FGL), however, refused to lump all associations together: "the young theater has been programmatic and innovative for years, an association is not an association."
Mayor franz stumpf, on the other hand, insisted on the comparison between sport and culture: just as jahn forchheim had once had to leave the bavarian league for the B-class due to lack of money, perhaps the young theater would also be "further down the road" having to play when the means were lacking.

Instead of making comparisons with sports clubs, the city should "finally say where it wants to go with its culture", demanded anita kern (SPD).

Udo schonfelder said that only when the theater had figures on the table could an "overall cultural policy concept be developed.

For ulrich schurr, the JTF’s commitment "goes beyond the work of an association"; at the same time, he described the financial ideas of the theater people as "not fully developed. Schurr: "first the structural situation must be discussed." No matter how this discussion ends "as an association we will not disband", wolfram weltzer assured the finance committee. In order to avoid the decline, however, a more comprehensive support of the city was necessary. Otherwise, a piece of cultural work would be lost in forchheim, for which comparable cities spend six-figure sums, said wolfram weltzer: "we are cheap here."

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