Best Beaches in New York City

Best Beaches in New York City

Beach Rating. Let me introduce you to the top 5 beaches in and around New York City.

Beach vacations in New York City. New York City: The city talking about which beach vacations don’t even come to mind. What a shame, because the city is surrounded by gorgeous beaches! And when we are exposed to +30 ° C or +40 ° C during the summer months, swimming in the water sounds good.

What to do in New York City in the summer. Unfortunately, not everyone knows where to find these paradise sandy spots. Tourists arrive during the hot season trying to cool off with ice cream or expensive public pools, ignoring the wide beaches that await them within walking distance of the subway. Perhaps this is because Manhattan Island has no beaches. To get to the beaches, you have to leave the center of the universe and visit the other 4 boroughs of New York City: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, or go a little further to visit the excellent beaches of Long Island.


1. Coney Island in Brooklyn.

The best beach in New York City. This is a unique beach, perhaps the most famous of the beaches in New York City. Some New Yorkers say that this beach, a promenade and amusement park, is the best entertainment in New York City in the summer. Long Island has been revitalized in recent years: the boardwalk has been renovated, new bathrooms and showers have been installed, besides, the beach is now clean and warm, stretching for 4 km. How to get to the beach at Coney Island: can be easily reached by public transport. A cheap subway ride from downtown Manhattan takes less than an hour: the A, F, N or Q train lines to the Coney Island / Stillwell Avenue station, which is just two blocks from the beach. Take a ride on the famous “Cyclone Rollercoaster” roller coaster.


2. Rockaway Beach in Queens.

The most beautiful beach in New York City. Rockaway Beach has been named the largest city beach in the United States. It is also the only beach in New York City with a surf area: there are two separate beaches. During the summer, small waves are ideal for beginners as well as experienced surfers – often visit this beach during the height of hurricane season, i.e. early fall. The beach has a swimming area, food trays, seven platforms, public bathhouses, and of course plenty of sand to place your beach towel on! How to get to Rockaway Beach in Queens. Easy access to Rockaway Beach by subway, the S train line. About an hour and a half by train from downtown Manhattan.


3. Orchard Beach in the Bronx.

The most romantic beach in New York City. This man-made beach called the “Riviera of New York City” has very attractive features: the beach, in the shape of a crescent, looks out over Long – Island Sound.


4. Great Kills Park in Staten Island.

The wildest beach in New York. Staten Island’s most famous beach, great sidewalk for 4 kilometers. Great Kills Park is lesser known, which means the beaches are less crowded and more private. The trip itself to Staten Island is spectacular. First, you can take the subway, 1, 4, 5 or R downtown and transfer to the South Ferry station in Lower Manhattan, but still, you take the free ferry to Staten Island. The ferry crosses New York Harbor from the south, through Liberty Island, offering great views of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan. Staten Island has its own train station. Take the train to Bay Terrace, from there it’s just a 3 block walk east and you’re at Great Kills Park. If you walk south, you’ll see an idyllic marina filled with small boats. East of the marina with a small marina you can relax on a beautiful quiet beach.


5. Long Beach on Long Island

The most popular beach in New York City. Long Beach is really a treasure: white sand, soft, beach is clean, fresh water, there are great waves for surfing and parking is free, you don’t see that often in NYC. For others, getting here is easy even without a car. The LIRR ( Long Island Rail Road) will take at least an hour from Penn Station in downtown Manhattan. The only thing is that admission is not free: visitors over the age of 13 must pay $12 for a ticket, and only during open season ( weekends from May 16 to June 17 and all days from June 23 to September 3). Long Beach Beach on Long Island’s schedule and costs are best ascertained in advance. If you’re staying in NYC, we suggest you take advantage of the LIRR with a cost of only $21 including a repeat train ride and access to the beach.


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