House in the Rock in Mexico

House in the Rock in Mexico


   This house stands on a rocky hillside in San Juan de Alima, on Mexico’s west coast, blending seamlessly into the landscape. The flat roof, braided with ivy, is almost invisible among the lush crowns of local trees, the pool is hidden in a secluded place surrounded by giant gray boulders and resembles a quiet cove.


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Authors of the project SJA III are the architectural studio CDM. Their office is located in Sapopan. Famous works include Hotel Mar Adentro by Taller Aragoné and Habitas Tulum Boutique Hotel.


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The building is a rectangular volume with a flat roof overhanging the terrace, which serves as a reliable protection from the sun. At high tide, the water from the ocean overflows over the edge of the pool, an incredibly scenic sight.


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The interior of the house is quite in line with the natural surroundings. The wood, tinted in a caramel shade (mainly the architects used cedar), contrasts effectively with the light upholstery furniture. A panoramic view of the ocean opens up from everywhere, including the living room. The part of the house that is adjacent to the rock is “dressed” in stone. It lined the walls of the kitchen and bathroom.


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The space is very cozy, while the interior is restrained in character, without bright screaming accents. Some of the details of the furnishings remind you that you are on the coast – for example, lamps in the form of glass balls entangled in a sea net.


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Sliding partitions allow some of the walls to be completely open. “In these moments you feel completely merged with nature,” say the architects. – The face is pleasantly blown by a light breeze, all this picturesque scenery comes into the house before your eyes. A real fairy tale!”

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