Spain’s 10 Best Beaches

The most beautiful beaches in Spain, according to the Internet. Rating of beaches in Spain is based on votes.

If Spain can boast of something, undoubtedly, it is its beaches. From Galicia to the Canary Islands, through the Balearic Islands, then Andalusia and a vacation in the Basque Country is the top based on the reviews of millions of travelers around the world.


1. Cathedral Beach, Ribadeo. Spain’s best romantic beach.

Cathedral Beach is a natural wonder where the effect of marine erosion on the rocks over thousands of years has created passageways, uniquely shaped caves – it is the most beautiful place. Warning, to visit this beach make sure it is low tide, otherwise you can’t see anything.


2. Playa de Ces Ilietas, Formentera

Discussion about the beach of Illetas. It is in the Caribbean, not out of Spanish soil. Its white sand and turquoise clear water and helped it achieve the silver medal. It is the perfect place to relax in the sun, take a walk or enjoy the extreme of water sports. There is a fee to enter with vehicles in the nature park.


3. La Concha Beach – San Sebastian

La Concha is one of those beaches in northern Spain you do not need to walk long to enjoy the beautiful golden sand. It is worth reaching the Ridge of the Winds, where the view is beautiful, although care must be taken to avoid getting there during bad weather.


4. Playa de Bologna, Tarifa

Bologna beach is considered one of the last untouched beaches in the south of the Iberian Peninsula. It is a pilgrimage site for nature lovers, with pine forests and views of the strait. This beach, almost four kilometers long, sandy and cold water is the perfect place to enjoy a day at the beach.


5. Playa de Zahara, Cadiz. Andalusia. The best place to vacation in Spain.

To enjoy one of the best beaches in Cadiz, you should know that it is the beach of Zahara. At more than 8 km in length, the golden sands are almost pristine beach and crystal clear water, but cold water.


6. Cofete Beach, Fuerteventura

In sixth place comes Cofete beach, located in a nature reserve in the municipality of Fuerteventura.

Users rated this beach as inaccessible and unsuitable for swimming because of the waves. However, also as “a place, in the middle of nowhere, in the wilderness and stunning beauty. It is not for nothing one of the most visited places on those who practice nudism.


7. Playa de la Lanzada. Galicia

Lanzada beach more than two kilometers long is one of the most famous of Galicia and is ideal for lovers of natural areas and for long and healthy walks. Cold and rough waters, it is the place chosen by surfers almost all year round to practice their favorite sport. The blue flag, and all the usual amenities are there at this great beach, doesn’t lose the charm of a non-urban sandy beach.


8. Cala Bassa, Ibiza.

This beautiful cove in the area west of the island of Ibiza has the double charm of its clear and calm waters, and the convenience to provide quality services. It is an ideal place to travel with children because the sand is fine, there are no waves and, the water is like a sparkling pool and full of fish. To all this should be added that it is surrounded by a forest of pine trees perfect for relaxing after a meal.


9. es Trenc, Mallorca

The best nudist beach in Spain. Worth a visit is one of the few pristine beaches that exist in Mallorca with clear turquoise water and two miles of white sand. Es Trenc beach is one of the most popular because it practices nudism without problems, but you can also have a swimsuit. There is a restaurant and bar on the beach.


10. Playa de las Canteras, Gran Canaria

Las Canteras beach is the last in this top ten of the best beaches in Spain. It is the main city beach of the city of Las Palmas in Gran Canaria. Recreation is possible at any time of year due to the warm temperatures of the island.

One of the features of the beach is naturally the sandstone “bar” and the reef that protects the beach from Atlantic currents. In addition, a large supply of marine life. This is a haven for thousands of species of fish. So it is the best beach for snorkeling in Spain.

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