Europe's auto plants have stopped

European automobile concerns, which had established component production facilities in Ukraine, are now regretting it and giving up on Ukrainian projects.

Volkswagen, Europe’s largest carmaker, was the first to suffer from the Ukrainian crisis – Ukrainian suppliers stopped production of car wiring harnesses used in many models of various Volkswagen Group brands, from Skoda to Porsche. And now all of the 40 plants created by Europeans in Ukraine to produce components and assemble cars have stopped, according to the Financial Times.

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More parking spaces in the old town

An "application for ecologically sustainable design of additional parking spaces on the former jager site and use of the parking spaces in front of the youth center" CSU faction spokesman michael kastl and his city council colleagues klaus schebler and fabian noth (both neue wege) as well as georg heymann, thomas klemm, thomas meckel and michaela wedemann (all CSU) have put to mayor helmut blank.

In it, the signatories call for the construction of an additional parking deck on the former jager site to be reviewed and the project accelerated. In addition, the possibility of using the parking spaces at the youth center is to be examined. "The proposal is based on a conversation i had with arno reuscher and oliver schikora from the ‘kaufhaus murscht’ trade association", says michael kastl to our newspaper. Above all, many conversations with residents of the old town made the parking problem clear to him. "We fully support this", says klaus schebler.

More and more vehicles

"For years, the city council has been concerned about the increasing shortage of parking spaces in the old town. Any positive decrease in development within the city walls unfortunately always results in a greater demand for and loss of parking spaces at the same time – a dilemma," asserts robert smith, states the motion. Every new household brings at least one, usually even two or more cars, every practice and every business today needs a patient or a car. Customer parking.

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Break-ins in hochstadt still unclear

In irregular intervals, hochstadt has been hit by burglary gangs in the past years. Especially at the beginning of 2017, burglaries piled up in the ais region. Within a few months, numerous houses, cars and offices were broken into. The target of the thieves: houses, business premises, cars.

The burgers in hochstadt-sud, who were mainly affected by the burglaries at the time, were increasingly unsettled. Something had to happen.

That’s how it came about that three years ago in february, around 65 citizens turned up at the sud elementary school and asked the then hochstadt police chief jurgen schmeiber for help.

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Criticism of

For decades, the expansion of the section of federal highway 4 in the weichengereuth, between the city highway and the four-lane expansion to suden has been an issue. All parties involved have always agreed that the four-lane expansion must come about. Now the coburg building senate rejects the expansion by a majority and recommends the city council to do the same. Martin finzel: "everything was always coordinated. I am surprised about the new discussion."

He speaks of a "role backwards" the coburg decision maker. The argues him not only because a, as he says, "long-standing process of coordination and decision-making of the municipalities and authorities" preceded by. He is concerned about safety. The benefits of the current planning for all road users. The planning ensures entrances and exits at ahorner berg in every direction, as well as the driveway. Intelligent ampellosungen could now often prevent critical traffic situations when turning off. Bicycle and sidewalk in the direction of wassergasse and frankenbrucke were better placed. The sometimes enormous floods, in which cars got stuck, were a thing of the past. Trucks will no longer be jammed at ahorner berg.

Funding from the federal government

Martin finzel now sees all this at risk. And this in the face of a solution that was 100 percent financed by the federal government. The ahorner municipal council therefore also approved the plans drawn up by the state building office.

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200 doses inoculated at the 'vaccine drive-in' in popppenlauer

So many cars rolled on the 11. December from the ludwigstrabe in the direction of the poppenlaurer festhalle, that even the voluntary fire department of the local part was locally, in order to regulate the traffic. The inmates all wanted to get a corona shot. Handouts had alerted residents of the community to the vaccination date. The joint practice bettina and dr. Uwe born (poppenlauer) and dr. Diethard dittmar (mabbach) vaccinated. The event was organized by market councillors diethard dittmar, felix neunhoeffer, susanne ziegler, winfried streit, thorsten ort and achim bieber. Members of the poppenlauer volunteer fire department and other volunteers assisted in the campaign.

It was supposed to start at 9 a.M., but long before that, drivers, many with passengers, were already lining up. They love to register first, and after the paperwork they were informed about the possible consequences of the vaccination. Then it was on to the second station. There it then cut the left or right arm free, there was a sting and everything was done. However, all vaccinated were required to stay on site for a quarter of an hour first.

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