Will you become rich or will you stay poor?

Happiness is not about money, and the best things in life are free.

But it’s not so easy to enjoy life if finances are singing a song. But maybe it’s just a temporary setback.

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You will never get rich 5 signs of failure

Why is it that some people manage to accomplish everything they set out to do, while others do not? This question has been bothering many people for a long time.

Now I will tell you what signs can determine that in front of you – a loser. Let’s go!

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bitcoin and goldThe whole truth about GOLD and BITCOIN with an excursion into the history of the financial system. . In current market realities, these two assets are called defensive assets.If Gold is a conservative asset, then Bitcoin is an aggressive one. This is the proportion in which you can allocate it in your portfolio. My recommendation – you can allocate up to 20% of your capital to cryptocurrencies. In current realities, it may even be up to 30%.Let”s first look at GOLD – as the main protective asset of mankind. In 1971, U.S. President RICHARD NIXON unpegged the dollar exchange rate from GOLD.After that, an era of prosperity and prosperity began in the U.S. – and America reached the peak of its greatness by the 1990s, especially against the background of the collapse of the USSR. Because it was possible to print money without limits.But, the endless printing of money is like a drug you get hooked on and can”t get off. Any problems are solved by turning on the printing press. Convenient. Inflation is exported to the outside world (everyone is lining up to the U.S. for the dollar).Gold, meanwhile, has gone nowhere – it has, for hundreds of years, been a major defensive asset at all times. But if everyone keeps buying gold and believing in GOLD – then the status of the DOLLAR will be undermined. Therefore, with the help of the DOLLAR, the Western financial elites have also seized the opportunity to DEFINITELY BECOME THE COURSE OF GOLD. That is, in essence, to DECIDE how much GOLD WOULD BE. And naturally, if you print DOLLAR, it is not to your advantage that the value of gold ROSS.By 1985, thanks to efforts, it was possible to stabilize the exchange rate of GOLD – $320-350. And the whole thing lasted until about the 2000s. By that time, money was being printed, no one threatened the dominance of the United States and the Fed – everything was under control and people did not think about buying GOLD (because you can take American bonds and stocks – bought with the U.S. dollar). And since 2003, despite attempts to lower the value of gold, thanks to the DOTCOOM crisis (the IT bubble burst) – and the strengthening of Russia and China – people began to think about protecting their capital not only in the stock market and all the money flowed into other areas (real estate, gold). As a result, from 2003 to 2011, GOLD grew from $350 to $1, 750 – i.e. 5 times over 8 years! . Why? Because we printed a lot of money – the 2008 crisis happened, which once again showed the vulnerability of the Western financial system. Investors began to realize that it was better to sit in the GOLD than to lose in the markets. And since 2010, the Fed and the rest of the Western world began the biggest monetary pumping of money (in simple language – printing as much money as they wanted and could) – and they did their best to stifle GOLD in growth again (otherwise it would be dangerous for stock markets) – money was flowing into markets, indices were renewing their highs – everything seemed fine.BUT – there is real economics that says – there are limited goods and services in the world, but there is UNLIMITED money being printed. What happens when money is unlimited – but products are limited? You get INFLATION!In the beginning it was mostly in countries NOT in the WEST (there is a mechanism for exporting inflation through the dollar) – but in the Pandemic, THIRTY of the world”s dollars were printed! In 2 years, the printing press went so far that it never stopped for a second. Nothing good could come of this – inflation began to creep in everywhere.And the Fed began to fight inflation – it was now the main enemy that was driving down the standard of living in Western countries. The most effective way to stop inflation is to raise the central bank rate. In the U.S. it is 0-0.25%. That is, the money is borrowed almost without interest, and that is how all Western business exists (the debts are covered by new debts). That is, the West borrowed to cover a debt, which was borrowed to cover another debt. And so on ad infinitum! The rates were almost zero – that is, money was readily available. There was plenty of money – and it ran up inflation – and to stop it you have to raise the rate – which the Fed has started talking about in the last six months. So the rate goes up – you have to pay old debts at NEW higher interest rates and many businesses can”t afford that.

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Young theater forchheim threatens to fail

The young theater forchheim (JTF) needs around 10,000 euros to keep the theater going in the last quarter of 2012. JTF chairman wolfram weltzer also reiterated to the finance committee on tuesday that a professional program in the future "cannot be done on a voluntary basis could be put on the fube. The circart festival at the weekend was the symbolic crowning of a 20-year development.
Weltzer said that the kind of theater work that hubert forscht and, most recently, lorenz deutsch had done could no longer be done on a 400-euro basis. "Without professionals we will collapse programmatically."

Despite this appeal, the majority of the finance committee was not prepared to add 10,000 euro for this year. However, mayor franz stumpf (CSU/WUO) indicated that he would not let the young theater hang, and that he would find a financial solution for the overprinting of the theater in 2012; franz stumpf wants to present this solution to the city council on 30 june 2012. November present.

But the debate about this subsidy was only a side issue of a much more fundamental question that the city council still has to answer: can the young theater count on 50,000 euros a year for a full-time cultural manager starting in 2013?? This manager was then hired in cooperation with the city to maintain the existing theater structures in forchheim. Whereby the JTF chairman weltzer noted that there could be other financial backers besides the city.

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Top 10 Wealthiest Families in the World
  1. Walton Family

Estimated Wealth: $238 billion

Company: Walmart

The Waltons are the richest family in America—and, by some measures, the wealthiest in the world. At the top of the value chain, in 2021, Alice, Jim, and Rob Walton are each worth $60 billion and ranked No. 17, 18, and 19, respectively, on Forbes’ billionaire list.2

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Hopeful new start

Never before has there been so much competition for third place in the mahler conducting competition of the bamberger symphoniker, which was held under the name "the mahler competition" has long since achieved world renown.

No fewer than three aspiring conductors were deemed worthy of a third prize, which after all is endowed with 10,000 euros. Wilson ng from hong kong, harry ogg from great britain and – as the only woman – katharina wincor from austria had advanced to the final rounds of the competition, but the "endgame" was not to be missed remained closed to them.

A close race

Finnegan downie dear was the winner from great britain, who was able to enjoy 30,000 euros in prize money as well as a powerful prestige win in the conducting scene. Second place, also respectably endowed with 20,000 euros, went to thomas jung from germany.

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Archdiocese of bamberg sends out 750 carol singers

The holy three kings made their way from ottokirche to the cathedral together with archbishop ludwig schick.
Luisa, mirya, tim, marius, elisabeth and many more took part in the start of the diozesan sternsinger campaign in bamberg and braved the winter weather yesterday.
With her "royals together with more than 700 other carol singers from all parts of the archdiocese of bamberg, they marched from the ottokirche through the fubganger zone up to the cathedral. The partly heavy snowfall did not stop her from doing so.

Encouragement from the bishop

especially since they have been in the church before. Otto was encouraged by archbishop ludwig schick, who by the way himself walked the path together with the singsingers. "Altar boys are faithful helpers. They are always there when you need them in the church community. But carol singers are not only faithful, they are also weatherproof", said schick in the context of a small service. In addition, the children and young people on their way to the dome should also remember that it is also winter in iraq and syria right now, and that the children there also had to survive the cold and the winter.

"Show solidarity"

"and if we show solidarity with them and also collect for them, so that their way will be better, then our way today will feel like a walk through the sunshine", schick went on to say. After that, the carol singers set off, following a crude crown they had made themselves.
After about an hour’s walk and three stops, where the carol singers sang songs, accompanied by the trombone choir from schonberg, the large group arrived at the cathedral. In the midst of it all, luisa and her fellow carolers from the parish of st. Gangolf.

"This is the third time that I have participated in the sternsinger campaign. But it is the first time that I will participate in a sending out with a procession", said the eleven-year-old. It was a nice march in spite of the weather. Especially since they had also received many admiring and friendly glances from passers-by.
"The joy that people show us during our collection campaign is one of the reasons why I take part in the carol singing every year", explains luisa. She also wanted to use the money she collected to help other children who were not doing so well.

Cathedral was filled to the brim

in the packed cathedral, archbishop ludwig schick, on the other hand, gave the carolers three things to take away with them: first, they should be firmly convinced that they were doing something good and great with their collection campaign. Because the money was used to build schools, kindergartens, hospitals and other important facilities for children in countries such as the philippines and other countries in asia, africa and central america. "And secondly, when you go from house to house, please spread a lot of optimism and belief that the world can be made better", said schick. And thirdly, all the carol singers should contribute with a conscious and healthy way of life to satisfy the hunger in the world.

Because still about 1.8 billion of the seven billion people in the world had to suffer from hunger.

In this country in abundance

in addition straight in germany food, which gives it in the abundance, was thrown away. "Otherwise I wish you a good time, collect diligently and bring much joy and blessing into the houses", said the archbishop at the end.

The carol singers wrote their wishes for themselves and for children around the world on slips of paper and pinned them to the coarse golden crown during the service.

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The good deed: donation for dam project

A check in the amount of 1,000 euros has shareholder marcel hannweber and managing director franz doring of the company "hannweber flooring" presented in dettelbach to gerd schneider, diozesan chairman of the catholic rural people’s movement (KLB) from euerfeld.

The money is earmarked for a dam project in senegal, which KLB is actively supporting. Schneider was in senegal at the beginning of 2019 with a delegation from the KLB wurzburg and inspected a dilapidated anti-salt dam in the small village of boly. And it quickly became clear to him: quick help is needed here. Because salt water from an arm of the sea that extends far inland has repeatedly been printed onto the fields of around 60 farming families. Rice cultivation on the 135-hectare flatland, which secures the village’s livelihood, was thus impossible. 30,000 euros had to be raised to realize the project.

Thanks to the support of numerous donors such as the company hannweber, the dam was repaired in the summer, and now the farmers can grow rice again. Bishop martin boucar tine from kaolack even came to the inauguration celebrations. A partnership with the local diocese has existed with the KLB wurzburg since 1981.

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Rimpar synagogue too desolate for the fladung museum

The synagogue of rimpar is not suitable for the french open-air museum fladungen because of its desolate condition. This is what museum director ariane weidlich said at the zweckverbandsversammlung frankisches freiladmuseum fladungen in wurzburg. She supported this with appropriate visual material. This showed that the synagogue was used as a chicken coop, among other things, and that the interior was also heavily damaged for this reason. Moreover, the synagogue is built into a barn and its removal would be associated with an increased expense. Also not suitable is the synagogue of kleineibstadt. The museum director herself was in rimpar in march of this year and took a close look at the building. The state office for the preservation of historical monuments was also involved.

On site, it became clear that the condition is very poor due to heavy contamination, as there were once flooded stables here. The roof area is not accessible. "When we took over the synagogue, we had to reconstruct a lot of things and had an enormous financial outlay. "During the removal one had to work partly with the wheelbarrow." Often there are only plaster surfaces left. In addition, there are no exhibits in the collection of the frankisches freilandmuseum to equip the synagogue accordingly. Ariane weidlich, however, by no means excluded that one day there will also be a synagogue in the french open-air museum fladungen. "But not in the next three years, because we have a lot of other work to do." The museum director said that synagogues are being built or exist both in hesse and currently at the open-air museum in bad windsheim. It is still necessary to consider where a synagogue could be located on the land in flood plains. Land and infrastructure play a role.

District president erwin dotzel interjected that the district of lower franconia, through the cultural foundation, demands the maintenance of synagogues, but that they should remain at the site itself. The best example is the former synagogue in oberelsbach. Transfer to the museum is not the right way forward.Thomas habermann, the chairman of the association and district administrator of rhon-grabfeld-landrat, stated that there are currently no synagogues that are suitable for a building relocation. However, a synagogue cannot be ruled out in the french open-air museum fladungen.

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Bad kissingen: years of commitment to the city

The commitment in civil society and in the honorary office is demanded and appreciated by the state "rightly, because it strengthens the democratic society", as mayor dirk vogel said at the awarding of the burgermedal of the city of bad kissingen and added: "also on a communal level this is right and important."

Before the ceremony, vogel explained the considerations of whether it should or even must be canceled. But the decision was made "because it is ensured that everyone adheres to the AHA rules". He is therefore pleased "to honor people who have worked for our city in various capacities over the years or decades. Because political volunteers will be the focus of attention in 2020, the head of the city emphasized the special expectations placed on city councilors. One should decide a complex matter properly after a short period of familiarization, taking everyone’s wishes into account and possibly exposing oneself to resentment, which the lord mayor calls in its extreme form "toxic political unculture" and described as a danger for democracy. "There are no signs of this in bad kissingen", according to vogel, who regretted that there will be no presentation of ready-made lurgermeister medals, certificates and prizes – but a musical accompaniment on the marimba by jascha bauer-heilmann of the city music school. The district’s appreciation for the honorees was conveyed by district administrator thomas bold in his greeting, who recalled the responsible tasks of political office holders, paid tribute to edmund seller with personal memories, and thanked "alt-oberburgermeister" for his work kay blankenburg wistful: "i will miss her entertaining grub words."

54 years

A total of 54 years of local political work was honored with the burgermedaille of the city of bad kissingen – distributed among four former city council members. Birgit eber was a member of the municipal parliament for twelve years and a city council representative for social affairs for six years, respectively. For the city partnership committee – not surprisingly for the head of the city, who in his laudation described her as a "self-confessed european became. She was also a member of the finance, building, social, audit and bylaws committees. Municipal utilities, zweckverband sparkasse and municipal utilities were also on her "to-do list". Her personal conclusion: "political commitment is always worthwhile!"

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