Kreisjugendring kulmbach receives the social award of the oberfranken foundation

District council president henry schramm praised the district youth council at the presentation of the social award, which comes with a prize money of 15,000 euros. "Our society needs people who have ideas and make something out of them; who dare to do something in order to gain something; who rethink old questions; who get involved and don’t despair in the face of unsolved questions", according to schramm.

The quote comes from former german president joachim gauck. He said this sentence in the context of a "future forum for young people" to which he invited around 100 young people to the bellevue palace in berlin at the end of his term of office. In moderated thematic rounds, young people between the ages of 15 and 25 were able to express their views on how they imagine germany in 2036.

Three years before this date in bellevue castle, the district youth council had already set out to offer young people a platform for articulating their ideas, wishes and visions.

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Coburg animal shelter needs more money

"The care of the animals housed in the shelter, the state of cleaning of the shelter and the management can be rated as good to very good, despite the overcrowding." This quote was prefixed to her report by siegrid ott-beterke, chairwoman of the 791-member animal and nature conservation association of coburg and the surrounding area. It comes from the commission of the bavarian state office for health and food safety and is at the end of a 23-page protocol on the occasion of an inspection of the animal shelter in august of last year, ott-beterke explained. At the time of the inspection, the home was overcrowded with 22 dogs, 132 cats, 35 pets and two birds, as is often the case during the summer months, she said. Nevertheless, the commission came to the conclusion that good to very good work is being done at the coburg animal shelter. "This result makes me proud." The reason for the cancellation was a complaint, which turned out not to be true. "We feel fully confirmed in our work and we would like to maintain this level."
Siegrid ott-beterke, however, also had to announce some unpleasant news. The reserves have melted significantly due to increased costs in many areas. The reasons: increased requirements of the control bodies, generally increased costs of consumables such as gas, water, waste water, electricity and mull, increased personnel costs, increased veterinary costs and significantly decreased interest rates on relatively little capital.
The animal shelter is in urgent need of donations of a financial nature in order to be able to continue the good work, said siegrid ott-beterke. The city of coburg was informed about the situation in september of last year, the chairwoman reported. Since then, negotiations have been ongoing to find a common solution. The city and county pay a flat rate of 40 cents per resident to cover the shelter’s costs. As the head of the city’s public order department, gerhard berwind, said, an increase in the flat fee is being considered from 2014.
In 2012, a total of 841 animals were handed over to the animal shelter. 542 were placed, 122 were collected from their owners and 87 feral cats were neutered and reintroduced to the wild. In addition, about 60 wild birds, primarily swifts and buzzards, wild animals such as young foxes, a badger, hedgehogs and squirrels were cared for and reintroduced to the wild.

The in-house arrangement has been preserved: furred animals come to sandra bauer, feathered animals to angelika lessing. The shelter currently has 19 dogs, 70 cats, two guinea pigs and eight rabbits looking for a new home.
Daniela mages had handed over the management of the animal shelter to sandra bauer last year. This means that the management of the company and the animal shelter are now identical, ott-beterke reported. Furthermore, a contract with the veterinarian joachim lessing had been concluded for a period of one year.
The ban on branding horses or castrating piglets without stunning has been postponed to a distant future, ott-beterke complained. The german animal protection association had formulated the result as follows: "the state goal of animal protection remains a meaningless phrase." The chairwoman urged her members to use their power to elect parties or even individual delegates who stand up for animals. A real animal lover who has also made a concrete commitment to the animal shelter is the SPD member of the state parliament susann biedefeld.

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A73: oberpfalzer buys used car in forchheim - on the way home it burns out completely

A vehicle fire broke out on saturday, 28. July 2018, shortly after 17.00 o'clock on the highway 73 occurred. As reported by the erlangen traffic police, a 48-year-old man had bought a car in forchheim and wanted to drive it to his home in the upper palatinate. Unfortunately, the new owner of the car did not get far.

Technical defect probably the cause of vehicle fire

The car began to burn on the A 73 motorway before the erlangen-nord exit in the direction of suden. The man, who was uninjured, had to watch his new acquisition burn out completely. Reason for this may be a technical defect, according to traffic police. The fire departments of baiersdorf, bubenreuth and mohrendorf were on site. The freeway in the direction of nurnberg had to be closed several times to extricate the vehicle and for the subsequent recovery, so that a traffic jam formed.

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