Scientists conducted an experiment by asking three groups of volunteers to drink and get healthy.

German scientists gathered volunteers and asked them to get drunk for science. The experiment was to calculate which of the three groups of subjects in the morning after the “drinking” will have the fewest symptoms of a hangover.

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How to determine if you are pregnant without a test

Pregnancy is a happiness that only women can experience. Its onset is a long-awaited event, accompanied by certain signs. This article will tell you about each of them, and tell you how to correctly determine the “interesting” situation without a test.

Folk methods of determining early pregnancy

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In Zeckern it will be tight for six weeks

For years, the community of hemhofen has been pushing for the construction of a bicycle path along the state highway, past the suburb of zeckern to the B 470. Construction began for it on tuesday. The heavily traveled road itself is also being resurfaced and widened.

Work on the 600-meter section from the edge of town to the B 470 is expected to be completed in just six weeks. In order to implement the 700,000-euro project in such a relatively short time, however, the road must be completely closed to traffic. During these planned six weeks, all vehicles will be rerouted through the town via zeckerner hauptstrabe.

"Without full closure, the extension of the state road 2259 would not have been feasible", says project manager pankraz schwarzmann from the bamberg state construction office. The upper franconians have taken over this project after consultation with their colleagues from nurnberg, because the larger part of the construction section lies in the district of forchheim.

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Heibe speech, kuhler wine

"My firefighters always stand their ground", emphasized jurgen dorsch, 1. Commander of the hohenfeld volunteer fire department at the annual meeting. The proportion of women in hohenfeld is also surprisingly high. Out of 39 active members, ten are women, that's a proud 25 percent. Five young people form the new generation. The association can count on a total of 80 members.

Treasurer tanja gunther was unanimously elected as secretary. Chairman frank weidt confirmed that she will hold both offices until the end of the election period. The previous editor, kerstin stoll, had died unexpectedly.

Comradeship cultivated
In his report, weidt listed numerous celebrations and weddings in which the fire brigade had participated. As an association, she organizes summer parties and brakeman's evenings herself. The firefighters cultivate camaraderie, for example at the kirchweihschieben or on an excursion to the rhon region. The motto of the fire department "all for one, one for all" is traceable.

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20000 copies: the emergency folder of the district is reissued

"Even at the klinikum rechts der isar in munich, the doctors were delighted when i brought the emergency folder with me." This is what marianne raps from pegnitz, a patient of the pottenstein internist dr. Gabriele brutting, who had the idea of publishing an emergency folder with all the important information for first-aiders.

This idea was then taken up by the district of forchheim, where – with the support of many sponsors – an emergency folder with 10,000 pieces was published for the first time in october 2017. This was so well received that all copies are now out of stock. So it was time for a new edition with some additions. The result was a new emergency folder, which the head of the "gesundheitsregion plus" (health region plus) explained, barbel matiaske, and initiator gabriele brutting introduced.

Because the doctor, who lives and practices in kleingesee, now also has a practice in pottenstein, the forchheim emergency folder is being extended to the district of bayreuth. At least dr. Brutting’s patients. Like rudolf eckert from the pottenstein suburb of leienfels, who has had this emergency folder for a year. "I’m glad I haven’t used it yet, but you feel safer if you have it with you at home or on vacation", says eckert.

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Marktleugast shoots record for eternity

The result is a record for eternity: the shooters from marktleugast gisela schneider, egon barth and rainer gilke hit 1199 of 1200 possible rings. A fabulous best performance for the schutzengau northeast.

At the fourth round competition in the gauliga northeast against the team of the ZST-SG weidensgrun I, the first mounted team of the schutzengesellschaft marktleugast presents itself in top form. Of all things against weidensgrun, because the opponent is the previous record holder with 1196 rings. On the marktleugast side, gisela schneider and rainer gilke each contributed a sensational 400 rings to the result, egon barth 399 rings.

64-year-old gisela schneider is the team’s most experienced protector. Since 1967 in munchberg in the guardian class free standing active, she has taken a break of 20 years due to health reasons, before she begins three years ago again with the pushing sport and two years ago to the SG marktleugast changed, where she pays to the first gauliga team. "The record was a unique experience for us. On that evening, everything just fell into place, but there was certainly a bit of luck involved", she is pleased.

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Coronavirus in the district of bad kissingen: first confirmed case

First case of coronavirus in the district of bad kissingen. This was confirmed by the district administration on thursday afternoon (5. Mar 2020). The sick person is a 26 year old man. The man probably contracted the disease during a vacation in italy. He was skiing in lombardy with a belgian travel group. The northern italian region was not yet a danger zone at the time of his arrival.

When he returned home on saturday, he already showed some symptoms of the disease. "He had a fever of up to 39 degrees", heibt es von carolin muller* (name changed), the mother of the young man. As a result, the family placed themselves under house arrest. They set up a neutral zone in the house so that food and drinks could be handed over to the son without risk. Hans muller* (name changed) did not know for sure that he was ill until thursday morning.

Regular consultation

"The health department called us on thursday and said that hans test is positive", says its mother to this editorial office. Lena pfister, responsible for press and public relations in the district office, confirms this. "We should now keep a diary in which we write down the symptoms such as fever and cough, muller names a requirement by the authorities. In addition, the office wants to contact the family every day to find out how they are doing. The health authorities classify carolin muller and the 26-year-old’s brother, who gave him a lift in the car, as being at risk. On the other hand, the girlfriend of the older brother, who had no contact with hans muller, is not considered to be in danger. Both the brother and carolin muller therefore had to be tested for the virus. The test was taken by the family’s general practitioner on thursday afternoon. The results were still pending at the time of going to press. Carolin muller and the brother of hans must now stay in the house and avoid crowds on the orders of the health department. This is to limit the spread of the corona virus.

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