Adam Sanderson and Rich Ross came to Los Angeles from New York in 1994 – they were beckoned by the dream of a luxurious life in the green hills of California. Their more than successful “marriage” to Hollywood paid off. Having become stars of the entertainment industry (Adam Sanderson is the CEO of Disney and Rich Ross is the president of Discovery Channel), they decided that they should not just live here, but live with a flourish.

Дом Рича Росса

“If I’m going to put down roots, it’s going to be in Los Angeles,” Adam shared. At the dawn of their Hollywood career, they settled in a house built in the Norman Chateau style. It was charming, but nothing more. In the back of their minds, Adam and Rich hoped to find a dwelling that would fulfill their California dream. After all, that was what they had once driven across the country to settle here: looking for a trendy, modern home with a stunning view and spacious rooms.

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House in the Rock in Mexico

   This house stands on a rocky hillside in San Juan de Alima, on Mexico’s west coast, blending seamlessly into the landscape. The flat roof, braided with ivy, is almost invisible among the lush crowns of local trees, the pool is hidden in a secluded place surrounded by giant gray boulders and resembles a quiet cove.

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An unusual home of sculptor Daphne Pulsifer for sale in the U.S.

An unusual building in Maine, resembling a fabulous clay hut, used to belong to the sculptor Daphne Pulsifer. Those wishing to purchase it can do so for $690,000.

This unusual domed house is located near the small village of Kennebankport on the Atlantic Ocean in Maine. It covers 43 acres and sits practically in the woods, a spot chosen by its owner, sculptor Daphne Pulsifer.

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