Milestones in the history of music

The open-air in the park at the city tower is this year completely in the sign of the 1000-year-celebration. Oliver kunkel presents a colorful program with the maintal symphony orchestra, 160 of his choir students and soloists from the mainfranken theater in wurzburg under the title "millenium musicale. On sunday, 22. July, milestones of music history such as handel’s hallelujah or beethoven’s 3rd symphony will be heard with the help of elaborate lighting technology and projections. Piano concert.
1000 years – how has humanity and culture developed in this time and how is this reflected in music?? Medieval sounds start the evening, compositions by high school graduates connect the original pieces. With entertaining elegance and sovereign wit, the man of the first rude declaration of the christian world lets animal voices interact artfully with each other, before the afflictions of the 16th century. And 17. The europeans of the twentieth century will become small again – small before god and the church, who alone provide salvation.

"Hallelujah" brings salvation

There johann seb. Bach the greatest achievements of human intelligence and creativity in his B minor mass, from which the duet "domine deus" is taken the perfection of outstanding soloists – first and foremost the soprano silke evers – will be heard and choreographed by the chorus children. Before the intermission, handel calls out in "hallelujah" the salvation of man from as if god himself were speaking … A call with 160 children and young people, including an orchestra that plays music with a spring in its step.
These students chose the choir classes at walther-rathenau-gymnasium and -realschule, where they learn singing technique, acting and rough music from scratch with oliver kunkel. Kunkel works intensively with the children and the former choir students of the older years with functional vocal training and strong gestural and mimic participation. Choral work should give young people a sense of their bodies, expressiveness, self-confidence and, of course, artistic skills, and you can see in every fiber of their being how much they enjoy it.
Beethoven’s 3.

Piano concert performed by outgoing rathenau student jareem wilmore, bavarian "jugend musiziert" prize winner at the piano – into the responsibility of the individualized 19. Eighteenth century. Thinking in tones, understanding the world as an individual, living by rules that can be universally valid – by conviction. Answer to the brutalization of our days? The first sentence of the work leaves room for such questions.

Reminders of humanity

In franz schubert’s "leiermann the man freed into individuality falls into loneliness. Also for this, high school graduates have composed extensions that incorporate our musical language and the many chorus children like the symphony orchestra into the piano song.
Countless times in the last 1000 years man has been guilty, and has had to learn from it – has he really?? British composer michael tippett combines the apocalyptic inhumanity of the third reich with the plaintive spirituals of african american slaves. The choir children sing it with soloists, orchestra and choreography – reminders of humanity. And at the end there is the enchanting vision of freedom and love – film music from "the children of monsieur mathieu.
Finally, the new "zeiler hymn" must not be missing from the program – the children do not sing it to a thousand, but 160 and with symphonic accompaniment.
Tickets are available in advance at post-lotto in grobera zeil.

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Back then in bad kissingen: only bathing at the saltworks

It was the city’s first coarse, public bathing facility and a particularly luxurious one at that: the royal saline bath at the gradierbau. Prince otto von bismarck had a cabin specially furnished for him here. The chancellor of the realm took his solbader there when he came back to bad kissingen for a cure. But that was a long time ago. The saline baths, saline restaurant and music pavilion were torn down 56 years ago to make room for the heinz-kalk clinic, which stood on the site until 2009.

At the beginning of the 19. At the beginning of the twentieth century, bad kissingen was on its way to becoming a world spa. At that time, however, the town did not yet have a public bathing facility that would provide medical baths for the spa guests. The luitpoldbad was not built until 1867. The kurhausbad existed at that time as an annex to the kurhaus, but was not built as an independent building until 1927.

Salines as a remedy

In the first half of the 19. The salutary effect of the brine was recognized at the beginning of the twentieth century. In the meantime, salt production was no longer as profitable as it had been in the past and was gradually neglected. So people started thinking about using the saltworks for the spa business. In the 1820s, more and more people in bad kissingen demanded that the healing waters of the round well, which contain a particularly high level of gas, be used for medical purposes. "Kurbaders were in strong competition and in other places there were already gas and brine baths at that time", explains birgit schmalz, historian at the city archives. The bad kissinger made an effort to catch up here.

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Wagner's death in venice (iv)

On friday, 16. February 1883 richard wagner, who had traveled much and far in his life, went on a rough journey for the last time. The sun was shining, the sky was swept clean, and the courtyard of the palazzo vendramin was a hive of activity: "the servants, in deep mourning, hurried to and fro", describes henriette perl, who was probably a contemporary witness or at least spoke with various contemporary witnesses, in her book "richard wagner in venice," published in 1883 the event. "The representatives of the italian press and of the foreign countries were attentive to every event and tried in vain to obtain the entrance to the burial chamber."

Representatives of the city of venice spoke once again to offer a dignified escort to the deceased and his survivors. And as on the first occasion, cosima wagner gratefully declined this tribute, asking instead that the station be cordoned off and that no funeral music be played "from which she recoiled in fear in her nameless grief. Towards the twelfth hour", so perl continues "they began to send boxes and suitcases, which were brought to the train station on special gondolas, because the family had decided to bring all their belongings to bayreuth at once."

"Various pieces of furniture, which had served the special use of the dead master and were now treated as precious relics, were now brought down; these were: a red damask sopha, on which lay the fur that had covered richard wagner during the last hour of his life; furthermore, the chair on which the dying man trimmed his hair, and finally the paper basket from his work cubicle. – these objects took up a gondola for themselves and were to be carried in a passenger carriage to make the journey north with the family at the same time."

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With unbounded upward momentum

World classic, flap, the second. The second concert evening of the series newly introduced in the wicker city also featured fluent musical delicacies. In the center: a flugel and someone with world renown who knows about it. On sunday mikhail mordvinov gave a guest performance in the former synagogue.

Well, there were not as many visitors as at the opening two weeks ago. But 50 of them prove that sunday evenings in lichtenfels can be spent with piano music. This time with the moscow-born mordvinov, who now lives in berlin and speaks excellent german.

Stage fright? When asked about this a quarter of an hour before the concert began, he explained that he did not yet have one. It was placed in a temporary resting area in the foyer, which was created in conjunction with a wall. He had never heard of lichtenfels before and there will be no time for a stroll either. And the fact that lichtenfels is not berlin, paris or moscow does not bother him at all. "The fact that the thing is not so coarse. The hall with the podium is also like a rough concert", he explained laughing and did not spare with praise for the place of performance. Later, the city archivist christine wittenbauer, who buried the audience, was to put this into other words and here above all into one thing: "salon atmosphere".

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Day of action in kulmbach: children have a right to peace

"Children have a right to peace – this is the important message on world children’s day. Also in kulmbach this day has been celebrated duly. As in previous years, boys and girls from kindergartens and elementary schools from kulmbach and the surrounding area met at the "alte spinnerei" children’s and youth cultural center.

Four men make music

For years now, karsten friedrich, stefan "bonsai" have been framing lehner, stefan ludwig and christian hanf provided the musical accompaniment to the celebration. More than 400 children came to sing, dance and clap their hands.

Some daycare centers had rehearsed small performances for world children’s day. The presentation of the paul-gerhardt kindergarten was particularly noteworthy. The little ones had brought the peace cross from their institution, which is made up of various symbols. Oliver, for example, showed the chalice. "It reminds us of the lord’s supper", he explained.

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Good for head and joints

New fashion, new music, new educational style: kitzingen experienced a kind of revolution in the 1960s. The hill billy bar is not the only place where life goes wild. Sleeping during the day, partying at night – and the (female) audience at your feet: this scene sparked the dream of a musician’s life for many young people. Also with four kitzingen "falcons" who learned to fly in 1964 in a musical sense: the "falcons" became one of the most famous youth bands. After four and a half decades off the air, they returned to the stage a few years ago as a cult band. The death of sanger pre (karlheinz huckmann) five years ago made the other members of the early days – mike (wolfgang popp, guitar, vocals), pip (hans dieter hufnagel, guitar) and arnold frey (drums) – even more tightly knit together. With guitarist robert brussig they can be seen live twice in the county in november.

What is the significance of the band name "falcons"??

Wolfgang popp: honestly: we all don’t know that anymore. Probably just sounded good.

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rough spab, no pressure: dido reports back

Dido florian cloud de bounevialle o’malley armstrong, a british woman, launched a world career 20 years ago with her rare first name.

With hits such as "white flag," "thank you" and "life for rent" and over 40 million records sold, she is one of britain’s most successful artists. Now dido’s new album "still on my mind" is released. It is the first in more than five years.

The 47-year-old started making music at an early age, going to a music school in london, where she learned the piano and violin. She took her first career steps together with her brother rollo, co-founder of the trip-hop band faithless ("insomnia"). Dido appears with her as a background singer. Later she tours solo through america and releases her single "thank you" in 1998 – at first without much success.

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Kolping family is active on many levels

The kolping family unterpreppach-reutersbrunn-vorbach invited members to a general meeting at the music rehearsal center these days. Martina schwengler, the head of the management team, was pleased to welcome at least 20 people (out of 96 members) to the meeting.

Marta miener gave a contemplative introduction, especially since the community currently has no prases (spiritual leader). The review of the association’s activities, presented by martina schwengler with the aid of an impressive picture presentation, highlighted the activities spread over the year, which since the members’ meeting a year ago have mainly covered the following points: the old clothes utilization by collecting container, the cooperation with the carnival procession cashing in ebern, the lent meal in favor of a social institution, the setting up of the maypole in cooperation with the local associations, the special may devotion, the support of the vacation program in unterpreppach, the participation in the kirchweih-weekend including an interesting factory tour in scheblitz, the popular kirchweihgaudi, the new collection campaign for discarded cell phones, a successful family weekend in bad konigshofen, the nicholas visit as well as the kolping memorial service in advent.

The cash report presented by schwengler showed an orderly financial situation, cash auditor herbert peschke confirmed a proper cash management – the unanimous discharge was then only a matter of form.

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Rhoner maskenfastnacht in oberelsbach attracts thousands of visitors

"What an atmosphere – great, what oberelsbach has put up there again. This is a living need", the till von franken was pleased with the success of the fifth rhonian masquerade carnival in oberelsbach. The till of franken was presented by the vice president of the franken carnival association, michael ank, together with his son ramon. "A premiere. For the first time we see the till of franken with us in oberelsbach", the two guests of honor were buried. The "till von franken" is the symbol of the carnival association and represents the mischievous "till eulenspiegel".

With knobs and chains

But not only the till of franconia was to be marveled at the rhon maskenfastnacht, but also the wooden masks so typical for oberelsbach and its local parts were to be experienced in action. There the oberelsbacher spannmanner growled and threatened into the public, the strohmanner had knuppels and chains with them, which they also knew how to use.

The weisbacher jude, who made their way into the audience nimbly and skilfully, gave out harsh blows with the typical clap. Also before the ginolfser jude with their pointy hats caution was announced, if they left uberraschend from the procession. Calmly and dignified the unterelsbacher fosenochter strode along, at least they had a female companion at the side. The witches of oberelsbach were less precise, sweeping one or the other aside with their brooms.

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125 years of the horticultural district association: from pure fruit growing to ecology

On 29. September 1893 the last founding impulses for the kulmbach district association for horticulture and land conservation were given with a fruit show in the kulmbach clubhouse, and exactly 125 years later it celebrated a great anniversary in the kulmbach town hall on saturday evening. At that time, of course, it was still called something else: the "district fruit-growing association of kulmbach city and country" it was launched by mayor wilhelm flessa in 1893. The purpose of the fruit-growing association was also different from today’s work – it was actually purely about fruit-growing, nobody thought about flowers and horticulture back then.

"At that time, in the era of enlightenment, the fruit tree was a favorite of the elite", explained gunter dippold, the district’s local historian, in his keynote speech. "Fruit trees were to be planted with long-distance trees, and so-called industrial gardens were established at schools."

The cultivation of fruit trees is still the task of the 55 horticultural associations in the district of kulmbach, which comprise just under 7,000 members. But this is by no means the end of the story. Natural horticulture, biological plant protection, village preservation and nutrition played just as important a role as the imparting of knowledge, healthy nutrition and youth work.

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