Rough rush to the games

No bits and bytes – nowhere on the tables in the vastness of the city hall. Instead, games to touch, to romp, to puzzle with. If you didn’t know it was 2018, on saturday you might have thought you were back in the 80s.

Charlotte leads the way. The eight-year-old from bad staffelstein only found out from her mother on friday that she would be at the games fair the next day. Their reaction? "I just went on eating my lunch."

This does not sound like enthusiasm, but far from it. The child could not imagine anything about it, explains her mother. But now charlotte has an idea of what it’s like, because she walked around the hall, which was huge for her, became a human part of a giant-sized kicker, went inside coarse air cushion balls and even wore glasses that gave her a pretty good idea of how "dumb" she was it is to be drunk. She didn’t regret the fact that there were no computer games here: "I like playing hupfburg a lot more than playing soccer."

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Adalbert hamel distinguishes himself through his loyalty

Its 90. Adalbert hamel was able to celebrate his 50th birthday yesterday, thursday 12. July, celebrate. He invited guests to the "waldcafe" in tambach and the relatives were able to pay the jubilarian a well-deserved tribute with their visit. The 90-year life of adalbert hamel, who was born in ahorn and also attended school there, was marked, among other things, by loyalty to his employer, the company sohnlein. He started his apprenticeship there in 1943, but had to do military service in the meantime. In 1983 he was awarded the honorary certificate for 40 years of uninterrupted work. After all, he served his employer for 47 years. Four years after the end of the war, more happy years began. He married his lisbeth, who came from frankenwald, where the wedding was also celebrated. In the same year, 1949, daughter ursula was born. Rough joy prepares granddaughter daniela. 1950 the family moved to coburg.

They were both able to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary until adalbert hamel was struck by fate: the death of his wife. The birthday boy nevertheless carried on his household alone – and very neatly, too.
He is proud to be an honorary member of SV hut. He is the oldest member of the distinguished class there. His hobby is still fubball, but as a spectator in the. Regular walks are also the order of the day. "I am still satisfied with life as it is", said the jubilarian. He also used to travel, to austria, spain and greece.

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In order to meet the increased demand for daycare places, the municipality of bischberg has announced the sponsorship of the container daycare center and the long-term fourth daycare center in bischberg. Twelve promoters, mainly from the district of bamberg, have been contacted, and four successful applicants have now been invited to the town hall for a further presentation.

All four applicants submitted strong and sustainable applications in advance and were allowed to present their offers at the last town council meeting of the year. Awo managing director werner dippold was almost able to act as a top dog, after all, the workmen’s welfare association in bischberg alone is the sponsor of eight facilities with over 100 employees. Dippold advertised with the special pedagogical orientation, plus points are further a term of at least 25 years, the support with the initial equipment and the unlimited employment contracts of the employees in full and part time.

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arrests after new wave of protests in iran

In iran, 29 women were arrested by the police for protesting against the compulsory wearing of headscarves in the country.

The police accused the women, according to the tasnim news agency, of having been "swindled" in a propaganda action by iranians abroad and had removed their headscarves. Another demonstrator had already been arrested on monday.

Since the end of december, more and more iranian women have been calling for the headscarf to be abolished. As a protest, they take off their headscarves in public and hang them up as a flag. Believing muslim women who wear the headscarf voluntarily, older women, men and allegedly some clerics have also joined the nationwide protest action.

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Ten years of guitar masters: looking back and looking forward

Reinhold deinhardt is on cloud nine when the jubilee concert takes place: in the 10. In the 20th year of guitar masters he has conjured up a best-of program on stage, which completely fulfills his expectations and those of the audience. All world class guitarists of the past masters years followed his call.

It all started with coryell

All but one: larry coryell, the american jazz rock legend , died in 2017. He was a major reason why the guitar enthusiast deinhardt organized the first masters in 2008. Coryell and other guitar gods of the jazz, fingerpicking and bossa nova scene are to perform together in germany. Not just anywhere, but in reichenberg. This is deinhardt’s dream.

But to get the stars of the scene interested in the wurzburg suburb, you need a draft horse. And coryell of all people, who has played with all the jazz greats of this world, lets himself be harnessed by him. Year after year the texan flies in. To be able to play with the master, other top musicians also make a detour to reichenberg – some because they are on tour in europe anyway; others book a direct flight from south america or japan to frankfurt and back.

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Colorful protest against nazi march in wunsiedel

The citizens of wunsiedl opened their memorial service on saturday afternoon with a 1 p.M. Service attended by more than 200 people under the motto "we remember the victims and not the perpetrators!" On the way through the city center, many citizens joined in, thus clearly showing their opposition to right-wing extremist activities.

An activist from the extreme right-wing scene had registered a meeting in wunsiedel. About 160 like-minded people took part in the event. During checks, the police arrested a man from the right-wing scene. He was carrying objects for disguise and a glove filled with sand.

A meeting attendee filed a complaint because he was insulted during a verbal altercation.

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Moller wins in central franconia

Noah moller from TSV staffelstein won the middle franconian championships in zirndorf over 75 meters, 800 meters and in the long jump. Since the athletics federation of upper franconia did not organize any championships for the age group U14, the staffelsteiner started in zirndorf.

In very hot temperatures it was difficult for the athletes to show their best performance. The boys over 75 meters made the beginning. Here muller set a new personal best with 10.93 seconds. In the long jump he set the next personal best of 4.62 meters. With these two performances he is on place 1 in the current upper franconian best list.

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refresher course in first aid

Eleven employees of the city administration and the building yard underwent a refresher course for their first aid training at the red cross. The participants learned how to secure the scene of an accident properly, how to make an emergency call and how to save lives in various situations. By the instructor reimar gluckler were discussed mabnahmen with the reanimation and different possibilities an injured or ill one correctly to position and the haemostasis with more coarse injuries practiced.

Other topics included attention to the danger of hypothermia and first aid measures for burns, burns, poisoning and electrical accidents.

The handling of a defibrillator was taught as well as the recognition of a shock and the resulting necessary measures.

The participants agreed that such a refresher course at intervals is useful and necessary, since some things learned earlier are forgotten and one becomes more confident with each further training.

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An evening with bush

From the collected works of the well-known writer, satirist and humorist wilhelm busch, hamburger cabaret artist helga siebert has unearthed many a gem. Under the busch motto "what’s popular is also permitted she presented her latest literary program on thursday at the stadtcafe in bad staffelstein.

With about 20 guests, the attendance at the event was relatively modest. Nevertheless, there were some present who obviously did not know siebert yet. For the new ones helga siebert introduced herself as a native of lower saxony with second residence in bad staffelstein. Further details such as shoe size (38), dress size (well, also 38), hair color (nordic-light ash blond, at least that’s what it says on the package) followed. "I like to eat apples and drink red wine", explained siebert. And that was the end of the advertising block.

Wilhelm buch had written with meticulousness and heart blood his poems and stories. He was born on 15. April 1832 born in wiedensahl as the first of seven children in a thatched half-timbered house. Busch first studied mechanical engineering at the polytechnic in hanover, then at the art schools in dusseldorf, antwerp and munich. He was a member of the "fliegende blatter" and of the "munchner bilderbogen and became world famous for his picture stories.

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22-year-old dies at the scene of the accident

On a rain-soaked road, the 22-year-old woman was driving her blue BMW of an older date on the kreisstrabe from eggolsheim to weigelshofen (district of forchheim). It happened in a right-hand bend just before the entrance to the town. For unknown reasons, the young woman lost control of her vehicle and skidded out of control. The car accidentally crossed the road and was hit head-on by an oncoming silver mercedes. The BMW was catapulted into the ditch.

A total of 50 firefighters from the surrounding villages worked feverishly to rescue the woman from the vehicle’s trunks. The emergency doctor and paramedics who rushed to the scene were unable to help the driver of the car crash. The rescue helicopter also called to the scene of the accident was no longer needed.

The occupants of the oncoming vehicle, a married couple from the district of hassberge, escaped with minor injuries.

They were also rescued from the wreckage by firefighters and handed over to the rescue services. The police estimate the total damage to the vehicles at around 20,000 euros. The fire departments secured the accident site and assisted the police in securing the tracks by drying the rain-soaked roadway. The county road was completely closed for several hours while the accident was being investigated.

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