New hange: 121 migrants hold out off lampedusa

For more than a week, 121 people have been waiting on the blockaded rescue ship "open arms" in the mediterranean sea – in their hope for a safe haven, they have now received support from hollywood star richard gere.

On friday, the 69-year-old visited the ship, which is located not far from the italian island of lampedusa.

Amnesty international says 30 children and two babies also on board. "Please support us here at open arms and help these people," he said in a short video posted to twitter by the spanish aid organization proactiva open arms on friday.

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Germany sends ships to the mediterranean again

Germany sends another ship to the mediterranean at the end of the week for the EU mission to monitor the arms embargo against libya.

About 220 soldiers will be on board the "berlin", as a spokesman for the navy confirmed to the german press agency. They are supposed to inspect cargo ships heading for libya in the mediterranean sea.

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hospice association: christmas grave for seriously ill and dying people

The haus fur kinder haard has again been busy crafting christmas motifs for the hospice association in bad kissingen and has not skimped on glitter and sparkles, according to a press release from the hospice association.

"It is a great pleasure for us to pass on christmas atmosphere with these works of art", according to rita hillenbrand, head coordinator of the hospice association. This is how the pictures and handicrafts were passed on to the residents of the diakonie pflegezentrum theresienstift bad kissingen. "In another year, due to the pandemic, visits to inpatient facilities will be limited. But we still wanted to set a sign that we do not forget the people who are accompanied by us", hillenbrand continues.

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However, this raises the question of the premises. Not every business has a large enough space to accommodate all of the exhibits – or even the visitors – especially if the exhibition cannot be held exclusively outdoors. If reliable weather protection is needed, the exhibit should be displayed in a covered area.

If there is a sufficiently rough hall, the event can start immediately. If there is no hall available, there is the possibility to book the corresponding rooms from the appropriate providers. An alternative is the favorable rent of a hall. This offers several advantages: first, it is usually more favorable than a booked venue; second, the exhibition then takes place on the venue’s own land; and third, the rental hall can be precisely adapted to the event.
There are now suppliers like haltec.De, which specializes in renting halls for any purpose. Thus halls are offered in the most different coarse and with each desired equipment, for example different tower and gate kinds; coarse-flat shop windows and several gradations at isolation.
The special thing about haltec halls.De: they are erected at the desired location within a few days, remain in place for the required period of time and are completely dismantled at the end of the exhibition. In this way, the exhibition can take place at any desired location – and after the exhibition is over, the space is available again for other things. Such an event cannot be designed more flexibly in terms of space.

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Trump intervenes in legal battle over stormy daniels

Donald trump has now intervened in the legal dispute over porn star stephanie clifford for the first time himself.

A new lawyer for the president filed a motion on trump’s behalf in a california court on friday seeking to have the case heard in arbitration behind closed doors. Trump will pursue his rights "as the law allows," "USA today" quoted the lawyer, charles harder.

Clifford, who performs under the name stormy daniels, claims to have had an affair with trump in 2006. Trump’s personal lawyer michael cohen had paid her a hush money of $130,000 in october 2016, shortly before the presidential election – out of his own pocket and without the president’s knowledge, as he says.

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Due to high demand, the catholic women’s association of heroldsbach has increased its production of easter candles to 250 this year. Once again, numerous hands were needed to lovingly and creatively decorate the tickets.
One morning and one evening were spent gluing, cutting, punching and packing before the candles could be sold.

37 volunteers

"The proceeds of 550 euros were donated to the christian palliative and hospice service of caritas forchheim, in which heroldsbacher parishioner evelyn eberhorn is also active as a hospice volunteer", the women’s association announces in a letter.
Currently, 37 hospice volunteers visit families once or twice a week, usually for two to four hours, to relieve the burden on their families.
The coordination of the helpers is taken over by sieglinde graf, who comes from the neighboring community of wimmelbach. Against this background, she was particularly pleased that her palliative and hospice service received a donation from the heroldsbacher frauenbund.

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Referee bibiana steinhaus to make her bundesliga debut

For ten years already, bibiana steinhaus has been working in the 2. The 38-year-old referee is under special scrutiny as she makes her debut in the top flight of soccer.

"Whether it’s historic is for others to judge," steinhaus told the bild newspaper. No rude macho remarks from professional players and coaches. Hosts hertha, however, used steinhaus’ debut for a PR campaign that could suggest that women actually come to the olympiastadion because of a female referee and not because of the match against werder bremen.

The first 250 female visitors to the hertha game pay a 50 percent discount on the price of admission. Berlin officials expect 50,000 spectators. Hertha coach pal dardai is looking forward to the premiere of the impartial: "she deserved it, she whistled flawlessly".

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Nudlingen's Frieda Straub celebrated her 100th birthday on Wednesday. Birthday

Her old age shows in frieda straub, who celebrated her 100th birthday on wednesday. The young woman, who was able to celebrate her birthday in the company of her children and grandchildren, didn’t think about it at all. The native nudlinger (born kirmes), lives with her son gunter in the jahnstrabe, who lovingly cares for his mother. However, gunter also says that frieda is easy to care for and modest. She is happy to do without many of the aids to which she was entitled. She does not need a nursing bed.

Her husband passed away about 30 years ago. With him she had four children: gunter, rosmarie, ludmilla and gottfried.

Enjoying nature

Before she retired, frieda straub went to work, partly in winkels, partly in munnerstadt. Later she has kept herself fit by regular walks. She was often seen walking up the wurmerich and enjoying the nature, especially the long cherry tree avenue and the forest. These times, which she remembers with pleasure, are of course over. Now frieda stays in her bed almost every day and can sleep well.

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bench frustration instead of muller frustration at fcbayern

Thomas muller did not like to comment on his unsatisfactory role as benchwarmer. Nothing useful comes out of it anyway, said the national player after he experienced a novelty against hertha BSC since his rise to bayern stardom.

For the first time since may 2009, the 29-year-old has only been a reserve in four consecutive games for the german fubball record champions.

Ten years ago, muller was still a junior player before louis van gaal made him an unrestricted regular with the legendary maxim "muller always plays. It has not become a "muller never plays" for a long time, but currently he is just a joker-muller.

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The reichenbach volunteer fire department with the windheim fire department again has a commandant. After manuel gessner had resigned as commander at the last annual general meeting of the reichenbach volunteer fire department with the windheim fire department due to disputes, the city of munnerstadt had already scheduled a date for the election of a new commander in mid-may. However, this had ended without a result.
Now the members of the fire department reichenbach and the loschgruppe windheim were again invited to the election of a commandant. Mayor helmut blank explained that lockers had been purchased in may for the windheim fire brigade and that further work was still being carried out.
There was also a meeting with the wurzburg trade forum and some members of the fire department to resolve a dispute over a pump (we reported).
The city of munnerstadt had also submitted its application for the procurement of a second vehicle for reichenbach to the government of lower franconia, but a reply was still pending. Blank also thanked christian noth, who had been acting head of the reichenbach volunteer fire department with the windheim fire department since gessner’s resignation.
In a round of discussions, manuel gessner – in consultation with the commander of the munnerstadt fire brigade – asked for the tense relationship between the fire brigades to be reset to zero, because only together could something be achieved. For the election of the commandant, manuel gessner was nominated from the ranks of the assembled members. Since he was without opponents, he was elected unanimously and accepted the election.
Mayor blank thanked not only the assembled for the speedy implementation of the election, but also to manuel gessner, for taking over the office of the commandant.

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