vhs art exhibition attracts little interest

An interesting exhibition in the town museum attracts little attention. "You are the first and probably the only visitor today", have it at the cash. And yet the exhibition has changed a little every now and then since the vernissage, as the artists swap pictures every now and then.
For the course instructor, it was important to try out material, to look for solutions, and for the course participants to perceive themselves and look for the most varied of solutions. The result was a variety of pictures, as well as surprising and convincing exhibits.
Among others, works of albrecht durer, marc chagall or franz marc served as a basis and the result were convincing exhibits. In the gewolbekeller are also community works on display and the twelve participants had the task to create only a part of a picture after a black and white template. In the end, the pieces, like a "puzzle", were put together put together and a complete work of art was created. Some of the paintings by participants who have been taking the course for two years show more than just "hobby painting."

Only once more
Last chance to see the exhibition is on the second christmas holiday from 2 to 5 p.M. At the stadtmuseum am kirchenplatz, a guided tour takes place at 3 p.M.

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Bundesliga half-time: succeeds the 1. Fcn in january the comeback?

Half-time in the fubball-bundesliga – and the 1.FC nurnberg is behind. Little surprising, also or just because of the financial possibilities that the francs have – in contrast to the competition. And the gap to FC augsburg, which has only four more points on the account and is therefore above the line in the table, is despite the now eleven-game drought without "three" not so serious as to have an absolutely negative impact on the psyche of the protagonists.

Defender robert bauer is not among those who think a comeback in the second half is illusory: "there is not a single one of us who has already given up. Nothing is lost yet." And the kicker love bauer know "that we have everything in our own hands if we play a good round at the back".

Read also: how the club plans to stay in the league in the second half of the season

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New start after 36 years with matthias dusel

Sulzfeld has a new mayor. Matthias dusel from the sulzfeld municipal list prevailed on sunday with 502 votes or 63.9 percent against wolfgang patzwahl from the pro sulzfeld electoral association. The agricultural engineer was elected by 283, or 32.1 percent of the sulzfeld electorate. Dusel replaces gerhard schenkel, who headed the winegrowing community for 36 years and is the longest-serving mayor in the district of kitzingen. The voter turnout was 74 percent. Of 1056 eligible voters, 785 went to the polls.

"I am overjoyed", said dusel in the evening after the announcement of the results in front of the town hall. Now the tension of the last few weeks will be released, says the father of four children. "We have done a lot", said the chief officer, referring to brochures, seven events and eleven publications. His "good feeling", he spoke on friday before the election did not change it. Nevertheless, the 51-year-old was a little surprised by the relatively clear result. "Now I’m just looking forward to it", he said, and then it’s time to get to work. It is important to build bridges in the near future and to lead sulzfeld into the future.

Patzwahl: "I’m excited about what’s to come"

"The electorate has decided", wolfgang patzwahl stated nuchtern after the results were announced.

The agricultural engineer had already congratulated the new incumbent. The 53-year-old emphasized the election campaign, which was marked by many and sometimes difficult factual issues. Both lists had clearly positioned themselves, the sulzfelders had been able to decide.

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Munchener freiheit now has bayreuth sanger

Jorg-tim wilhelm, known as tim, enjoyed classical vocal training, is an actor and was a presenter on several TV programs on ARD, BR and RTL. He loves to move in different artistic worlds – whether as emperor franz josef in the operetta "sissy", as "action-reporter on tv or at the children’s program of the summer festival of the eremitage: tim likes to give gas – full throttle!

Even though stefan zauner said goodbye, this was not to be the end of munich freedom. The remaining band members explained: "the name and the brand munchener freiheit was made in the past 30 years by all five band members to what it is today. That’s why aron strobel, michael kunzi, rennie hatzke and alex grunwald will continue to perform live and produce cds with a new singer under this name."

The band members knew jorg-tim wilhelm through some joint studio productions. But he was not the first choice. But as often happens in life, the obvious comes at the end. "I’ve known and respected tim for many years" according to aron strobel "we have already worked together on several projects, even live several times, like in the europahalle karlsruhe in front of thousands of fans. In my memory tim was still 18 years old. The fact that he is now old and has moved on is something i first had to realize."

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Insight helps in court

A 36-year-old heating engineer had been guilty of six offences in six weeks. Despite three counts of theft, two counts of trespassing and one count of fraud, the judge showed mercy and only issued a warning – albeit with a hefty penalty clause. That means that he has to expect at least a high fine, should he become conspicuous again under criminal law.
The separation from his girlfriend and the worries about his job were the reasons why the defendant more than once didn’t stop at the usual after-work beer: harder things followed. The alcohol finally disinhibited him to such an extent that he – apparently not yet drunk enough – tried to steal a bottle of vodka and wine from two department stores in kitzingen and another bottle of vodka from a gas station in schweinfurt on different days. In a pub in kitzingen, he had also ordered food and drinks during the same period without being able to pay. From the point of view of the public prosecutor’s office, a case of fraud, even if the order value of 8 euros was quite low and the damage has since been settled. The fact that he was banned from both stores was of little interest to the 36-year-old at this point in time.

Addiction treatment started

"i’m not at all proud of what i did there. I am ashamed", the defendant showed contrite remorse before judge marc betz. Nevertheless, it was the indictments that really made him see the light. Within a few months he was formally overcome by alcohol. In the end, his self-reflection went so far that he was worried about work therapy, because he didn’t have the confidence to get out of addiction on his own.
Since july 2012, he has been undergoing treatment, which lasts at least six months and at most a year. He is allowed to leave the house from time to time, but he has to pay the therapy costs of about 2500 euro per month himself. As a precaution, he has applied for a temporary disability pension, but this will not be sufficient to pay for the treatment costs.
He became aware of the therapy during a detoxification stay in werneck. According to information provided by the lawyer, the defendant had a peak blood alcohol level of four per thousand. "I would like to work as a heating engineer again, because I enjoy the job", he announced that he wanted to put his life back on an orderly track. His former boss had even offered to rehire him next year as a job became available.

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From typing and dabbing

How intuitively children handle smartphones and tablets leaves some adults amazed. It is therefore not surprising that in highly explosive discussions people ask whether children will still paint and do handicrafts at all in the future. After all, many programs can be used to implement creative ideas.

For a manufacturer of children’s paints, this question is certainly just as exciting as it is for parents, teachers and educators. The question "tap or dab?" Will have to be answered again and again in the future. But it would be too easy to demonize digital developments – both for the children’s companions and for the industry that develops and produces artists’ paints.

For this reason, the paint manufacturer kreul joined forces with the sattlertor daycare center in forchheim and began exploring the digital world together with children. And quite analogously.

What is digital? Where do we encounter the digital in everyday life?? And will we still need paints and brushes for dabbing in the future?? "Yes, because when I’m painting I can also think of something else", says one of the children, convinced that "playing computer games is cool, but you have to do some handicrafts now and again."

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red wine from france inspires jury in asia

Bavaria is not necessarily famous for its coarse red wines. Instead, the franconians are thrilling with their female wines. 80 percent of the fermented juice in the free state comes from weiben grapes. But the winemakers of the red grape seem to be on the advance – albeit slowly. At an international wine competition in asia, a winemaker from lower franconia beat 39 other red wines with his spatburgunder. The competition came from france and the united states, among others – the world’s great spatburgunder nations, ahead of germany.

The best pinot noir of the "germany vs. The world" comes from burgstadt (district miltenberg) from the winery furst. His spatburgunder from the 2006 vintage wowed the asian wine experts on the jury. They tasted 20 german and 20 international wines. The german wines were selected by the german wine institute, which initiated the blind tasting. The international wines, on the other hand, were selected by the jury itself, which chose red wines that had already scored points in many competitions.

"We are very happy about this award – especially since it was a very serious tasting with high quality wines", paul furst told the dpa news agency. His secret recipe is quickly described: "you need the right grape variety, the right soil, you have to be very industrious, work a lot in the vineyard, have good barrels, bring along technical know-how and have competent employees. If all this fits, then it will also be a good wine", according to furst, who runs the winery together with his son and his wife. He has been winning prestigious competitions with his wines for many years, and in 2003 he was named "winemaker of the year" by the restaurant guide gault millau kurt.

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cross-country skiing oldies angerer and teichmann attacked

Angerer competes in the skiathlon on saturday, teichmann starts in the team sprint. Both are not unhappy about this, especially since they have one goal in common: the duo is eager to prove its class even at the advanced age of over 30.

"The skiathlon, that’s my favorite race. Mass start and both styles are exactly what i like. So I prepared myself intensively for it," says angerer before his first world cup appearance, looking extremely tidy. Not the best experience with both the discipline and the world championship venue. "Ten years ago i had my world championship debut here. I missed out on a medal in the sprint, finishing fourth, and in the skiathlon I had a broken stick," says the 35-year-old.

But that’s all water under the bridge, especially since the past few years have seen some successes in the fleimstal valley. Here angerer became the first overall winner of the tour de ski, here he won a 30-kilometer mass start on the way to his first overall world cup victory. "You don’t forget such successes," says the man from vachendorf.

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