Englander brews french beer in kronach

A brite who brews bavarian beer in kronach, speaks perfect wallenfelserisch and has several school and university degrees. The educational qualifications, do they exist at all?? Yes! His name is robert smith, he is 25 years young, a level-headed fellow and very smart.

Robert smith, or better "rob, as his friends call him, beer is his great passion. But only brewing. Okay, now and then he also drinks one. He loves the smells that waft through the brewhouse. When the scent of the root wafts toward him, he closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, laughs and swarms: "this will be a good beer!" In the best wallenfels dialect. "I can smell it coming, because I know it's going to be a good one", says rob with a beaming smile and is happy that the profession is a vocation for him. It wasn't easy, because he couldn't start his apprenticeship as a brewer and maltster until he was 22 years old.

Already as a child in wallenfels
But first things first: robert smith from bingham near nottingham came to wallenfels as a small child with his father colin in 1991/92. The dad was leader of the toot hill dance band from the british twin town of wallenfels and regularly went camping in the floberstadt with his musicians.

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Small runner very roughly

Already for the 19. For the first time, the weekend of the france-switzerland marathon began with the so-called "bambini run", where the youngest got in the mood for the sporting gross event on sunday.

Michael cipura did not accompany markus schmitt through the program this time, but together with peter lassner from forchheim. "Markus apologizes, but he has to support the club at the home game", cipura explains the absence.

Very young participants

About 300 participants were registered again this year for the pre-event of the france-switzerland marathon. Much to the delight of organizer-spokesman toni eckert. The bambini races are growing in popularity from year to year. The youngest participants in the 500-meter race in front of the schwane inn were just three years old. The age groups represented ranged all the way up to seventeen to eighteen-year-olds. Also the adults from the age of 21 years were allowed to show their skills at the "one-tenth-marathon" put to the test.

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Fresh air keeps the virus at bay - that's how a daycare center, school and company in forchheim are ventilated

The germans are certainly known for one thing: the "stobluften". Even in elementary school, you learn that it’s good to open the windows regularly so that fresh oxygen can get in – even if it can get a little frosty in the room for a short time. The british newspaper "the guardian in a recent article, stobluften even called the fight against the virus a "national obsession". But ridiculed window-washing or not, in order to contain the spread of the corona virus in rooms, there is no getting around airing out. This is how kindergartens, schools and offices in forchheim handle it.

The orders in the print shop streit can not be done from home on the PC. "There’s always a breath of fresh air in our production facilities, to put it bluntly", says owner frank streit about the print room. There had already been regular airing before corona anyway, because the machines were running there. In addition, the doors of the buror rooms and the hall are now open as well.

A little more possible than opening windows and doors at georg hartmann secondary school. During the general renovation in 2016, an air conditioning system was installed, says deputy principal jorg striepke. "The system takes out the used air and brings in fresh air", says he, not only rolls the air in the room around. In the beginning it was rather unpopular, because there was no opener at the windows and the airing was not a substitute. Today the plant is running at full speed. In addition, all teachers are required to open the windows regularly during the hour.

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Hospital recruits nurses

Ten nursing students celebrated the successful completion of their three-year training as health care and nursing assistants at the clinical center forchheim-frankische schweiz.

"From now on, your parents are no longer responsible for you!" Sven oelkers, the hospital’s managing director, tells the graduates of the vocational school for nursing that it is good to look beyond one’s own horizons, but "if your expectations are not met, the doors of the hospital are always open for you, he emphasizes. All registered nurses already have an employment contract in their pocket, some of them will stay at the forchheim site, others will move to the surrounding area. A graduate starts work in a hospital in hamburg. Works council chairwoman kathrin hamler is more succinct: "come again! We need you!"

The new head of the school, andreas schneider, who took up his post at the hospital at the beginning of august, emphasizes the importance of the nursing profession and thanks the doctors and other professional groups in the hospital, such as the technical director, in particular, for their active involvement in teaching and giving the young people an insight into their work. The 53-year-old sees this practical approach as a unique selling point of the school in forchheim.

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Animal anniversary

A pigeon looks from the window sill into a classroom. A boy watches them from inside. "Is that your pigeon?", asks the teacher. He answers: "yes, that is molly." The boy is eberhard schmidt and has been a veterinarian for 25 years. He can still remember this time well. "Molly walked to school next to me", he tells. She had always been waiting for him on the windowsill. Until the teacher let her in once. "She was so excited that she spread a blob here and there", he says, who wanted to be a veterinarian since he was a child.

Rhon has taken to his heart
Eberhard schmidt has been enthusiastic about his adopted country since his first visit in 1989. "It's just a fantastic panorama here.", he swarmed. And when he arrived, it already smelled like a wood fire. The man from runkel an der lahn (near limburg) did not know that before. As a kind of sign, he saw the many pigeons on the house roofs. "Then I thought: boy, here you are right."
After a tour with dr. Thyroff, whose practice he was to take over, everything happened very quickly. "I arrived in the morning and in the afternoon I bought the practice", tells eberhard schmidt. On 19. December 1989 he moved with bag and baggage to stangenroth.
At the beginning of his work, the veterinarian was mainly concerned with large animals, such as cows, horses, pigs, sheep and goats. "As a veterinarian, it was a garden of eden, tells eberhard schmitt. A cow peeked out from behind every door.
Among other things, he supervised home slaughtering, which took place mainly in winter. At this time there was still the live inspection, in which the animals were examined for diseases. Only after that was the slaughtering permit allowed to be issued. After the slaughter, during the meat inspection, some organs were cut open and the meat of the dead animal was inspected. "So to speak, tested for heart and kidneys", says schmidt. However, there were fewer and fewer farms.

Once bitten
So in 1997 eberhard schmidt opened his small animal practice in premich. Over the years, he has treated almost every animal there: from pythons to tortoises to cougars. In the 25 years, there has only been one dangerous incident. "A dog bit through my right thumb", says the vetrinar. The animal was a little too early awakened from the anesthesia. When eberhard schmidt then gave him an injection with a painkiller, the dog startled and bit down. This led to a ten-day time-out. An absolute exception.
"As a one-man operation, you can't get sick", says schmidt. It doesn't matter whether it's christmas or easter. When an animal is sick, it gets help. Sometimes, however, any help comes too late. One of the most unpleasant tasks of a veterinarian is putting animals to sleep.

Never emotionless
"A death always gets under my skin", tells eberbard schmidt "this will never be routine." It did not matter what kind of animal it was. Putting the dog to sleep was part of the job, but he was emotionally attached to the animals. From time to time, people came to him who wanted to put healthy animals to sleep, for example because they were disobedient or did not behave as the breeder wanted. He has always resolutely refused this kind of request. "The professional ethics forbid it", says schmidt "it is our task to protect the animals."
He himself has at home two cats, an aquarium full of fish and a breeding of pigeons. He houses a total of 70 carrier pigeons in his pigeon loft. Almost all of them are descendants of molly.

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From Frisia to Ghana - the land of a thousand faces

It's been almost nine months now since i was on a plane bound for ghana, with the pain of parting still in my bones and a pretty sinking feeling in my stomach at what could be in store for me in the coming months. Nevertheless, it still seems to me as if I were still halay in africa.

At the time, I wondered whether I had not given myself too much credit, but now, in retrospect, I am very, very glad that I made the decision and a little proud of myself for not giving up eight months ago. Because from my stay in ghana and my time at the future VIP school I have benefited in every respect. In the five months i spent there, ghana and especially the school became like a second home to me.

The culture shock
However, i saw it quite differently in the early days. The culture shock was enormous. Nevertheless, thanks to my german sending organization travelworks resp. Making life as easy as possible for the ghanaian partner organization syto. In keeping with the ghanaian mentality, the welcome from the syto staff was extremely warm. Consequently, it was difficult not to feel at home and welcome right away. After an initial orientation period under the wing of the syto staff, i started my project in madina, one of accra's numerous suburbs.

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16-year-old strangles younger brother in dusseldorf

The 16-year-old was arrested and confessed to the crime. He did not name a motive. The public prosecutor’s office assumes manslaughter and attempted murder.

As the 51-year-old mother told the police, her 16- and 12-year-old sons had come home on tuesday afternoon and were there alone. She herself was still working. When she came home, she found her twelve-year-old son lifeless and crying for help. At that moment, her son also attacked and injured her.

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district of forchheim: that's why rudolf braun is running again after all

After 24 years as mayor of weibenohe, rudolf braun actually wanted to retire. Unless no candidate could be found, he was persuaded to run again, if only out of responsibility to the community. Now a possible candidate has been found in michael neubert (interest group "schones lillachtal"). At the meeting of the electoral community of workers (WGA) weibenohe-village house, rudolf braun spoke of stories that had come before, and that he did not want "everything to go down the drain". But what does braun mean by this? It was assumed that this was in connection with the possible candidate for mayor, michael neubert. But brown waved. As he emphasized at the election meeting, he is only concerned about the demographic development and the challenges it poses. After no adequate municipal councilor was willing to run for office and no candidates could be found in advance, mayor braun was persuaded to run again. Because the projects that have already been started are designed for the demographic development of the community. This would begin with the chorus center and the surrounding design of the monastery brewery and the old village of weibenohe (barrier-free expansion), as was the case with the redesign of the "plarrer" is already the case. "We just have to take into account that there are more and more elderly people. Many tourists also come to weibenohe", declares brown. For this purpose, appropriate traffic regulations are needed. The trend is currently in calmed traffic zones. "We started down this path a few years ago, and it will certainly take another election period to implement it completely", says braun. When it comes to community development, the mayor must lead the way. It was the relationships that braun had been able to build up over the years that had been decisive in winning him over again for this office. Already 20 percent of citizens over 65 years old. In ten years, there will be even more. But also the birth years, which have been going on for some years now, had to be taken into account. Because it is important to maintain the infrastructure. The increase in the number of births affects the development of daycare centers. Every child has a right to a daycare place. "Is the kindergarten sufficient? Are there also enough places in the nursery", braun cites the pressing issues that need to be addressed. These questions continued. "How will the school landscape develop?? Are there enough classrooms available? Many elementary schools have been abandoned, and is the secondary school in grafenberg sufficient?, brown continues to pay.

With retirement, more people will live in the municipalities and pay only the property tax. But the infrastructure – water, canal, kindergartens – must be maintained. And care places for the elderly are needed. "These are the giant prerequisites for the communities. We have achieved a lot in the infrastructure sector in the past five to ten years, emphasizes braun. "The smaller a place is, the bigger the role of the individual burger we have to take with us," says braun, the acting mayor confirms. Rudolf braun mentions another goal: away from individual traffic, towards the opnv, of which he is the spokesman for the district of forchheim. The municipality has already committed itself to nature conservation and has already worked its own areas in the past in the way that is now required.

Pilot project

Weibenohe is taking part in a pilot project initiated by the A 9/franconian switzerland economic belt association. This is called "inter-municipal compensation management" and deals with ecological compensation areas for new building areas. The municipalities are a kind of company, contribute their land to a pool and can buy land when it is needed. While some communities have little space available, there are also communities that have a lot to offer. Last but not least, rudolf braun mentions the strengthening of voluntary work. "That’s important, otherwise small municipalities can’t survive," says braun, affirms braun. So these are the stories that were hinted at beforehand and which were decisive for him to run for mayor again.

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jubilee camp at the kronach school center is fully booked

The sun is already bringing temperatures close to the 30-degree mark in the late morning, but the eight- to 14-year-olds don't let that slow down their zest for action. In one group they compete in a game of two against two, others try their hand at the drop kick, and in the third group, the focus is on the header.

Even after a very short time, you can see that the vacation fubball school of the bavarian fubball association has lost none of its appeal. In 2004, it was offered for the first time in the kronach district, at that time still in ziegelerden. The soccer camp is now held at the kronach school center. It's the tenth one, and it's been booked out for weeks with 69 boys and girls from the years 1999 to 2005.
"40 participants were our goal, but they had already registered after four weeks", says lorenz richter, who has been a co-initiator and organizer from the very beginning. "Then we increased to 60. Now there are 69 of them, and there have even been numerous inquiries."

Bavaria-wide at the top
With this number of participants, kronach is in second place in bavaria, without having to advertise grossly. Richter: "whoever has been with us once has always liked it so far. We benefit from word-of-mouth propaganda."

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City renovates school and upgrades places

In time for the end of the current session, the city council of konigsberg approved the 2020 budget on tuesday evening in the main hall of the city hall, in accordance with the rules for meetings. After the budget had already been discussed in detail in a non-public meeting, the approval went quickly and smoothly over the stage. Without discussion, all members of the city council approved the budget resolution.

Good figures

The many figures were presented alternately by mayor claus bittenbrunn (CSU) and city chamberlain gabriele blank-henk. The reason for the unanimous approval was also that the budget of the city looks tidy.

Whereby mayor bittenbrunn pointed out that the draft budget was adopted despite the current economic situation in germany, which is difficult to assess in advance, in order to be able to act, and imponderables are not foreseeable. "We have to see how we can deal with this. Maybe this year we will also need a supplementary budget at some point.", according to bittenbrunn, who praised the administration, with managing director johannes mucke and city chamberlain gabriele blank-henk: "both have once again done a very good job here."

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