Four new members welcome

The kemmern town council met for the first time in its new constellation. In addition to the swearing-in of the new members, the election and swearing-in of the deputy mayor was on the agenda at this constituent meeting.

"Special circumstances require special measures", so first mayor rudiger gerst (CSU) to the aubergewohnlichen meeting in the school gymnasium in kemmern. He thanked all those involved who, despite the current corona situation, had ensured that the municipal elections went smoothly. He also thanked all the candidates who stood for election, because "democracy lives from citizen participation". The citizens’ ability to choose from among numerous candidates was exemplary in kemmern, said gerst.

At the beginning of the meeting, the four newly elected council members tobias wagner (CSU), jochen gottwald (zfk), julia schatkowski-amtmann (zfk) and helmut wild (zfk) were sworn in and welcomed to the council by gerst. This was followed by the election of the second mayor. Volker pflaum, proposed by gunter schwank (UBB), won by ten votes to five against jochen gottwald (zfk), proposed by helmut wild (zfk). In addition, there is another representative of the mayor, silvia jung (CSU) was appointed by the municipal council. Jung was also appointed senior citizen representative and accepted the mandate.

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Building sites next to the alpacas

Five developers would like to build in schobaritz in the next five years. However, the land use plan does not foresee any development there. However, most of the owners had given their consent, as the mayor of hiltpoltstein, gisela schulze-bauer (bfh), explained in the municipal council.

In order to benefit from the accelerated construction procedure without an environmental assessment, the municipality must pass a resolution on the development of the building area before 31 december 2009. December. Two variants had been worked out by the administration. This went then nevertheless too fast for some municipal councils, too many points were unclear.

There is a family that has two properties there, but did not want to include them in the development area. Alpacas are housed on the flats. Another family has its goat barn less than a hundred meters from the future building site. "The family showed serious concerns that the goat pen is not contractual with the future building area", said schulze-bauer. "The collision with the goat barn is present", added the mayor.

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Chance of an award

The town of bischofsheim already has all the prerequisites to offer guests and recreation-seekers a vacation close to nature. Gentle tourism has always been practiced in bischofsheim. The location in the middle of the biosphere reserve, with the kreuzberg in the center, a variety of gastronomy, direct marketing, a good tourism infrastructure for hiking and mountain biking are available. Bischofsheim has what it takes to become the first "nature village bavaria’s kurt.

The idea of using the term "nature experience village" was born the idea of providing the town of bischofsheim with a high-profile certification came from ludwig hartmann, the parliamentary group leader of "bundnis 90/die grunen" in the bavarian state parliament. He wanted to make nature vacations in bavaria’s low mountain ranges salonfahig. Following the example of the "bergsteigerdorfers the german alpine association is to "experience nature" offer a balance between the protection of nature and the cultural landscape and an environmentally friendly tourism.

Delgation of the greens was there

With the idea of bischofsheim as a "nature experience village a spokesman for the landtagsgrunen approached city councilman manfred markert to award the prize. Internally it was decided that the tourism representatives of the city council should take care of the topic. Klaus seiffert and christian enders were happy to take up the ball. Klaus seiffert has been in contact with the greens for more than a year regarding a meeting, which unfortunately could not take place in 2020 because of corona.

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At the meeting of the building and environment senate in september, a planned central island in coburg-neuses was not approved because of the costs of around 120,000 euros. Provided with a detailed list of the construction costs, the senate, which was so cost-conscious and critical of the costs just four weeks ago, now unanimously voted in favor of the crossing aid or "honking island" without any discussion from.
In the castle meeting neuses on 16. June last year, the coburg-neuses burgerverein drew attention to the many fubgangers who walk along gutenbergstrabe parallel to friedrich-ruckert-strabe. On the one hand, they are school children on their way to the elementary school in neuses, and on the other hand, they are employees of the kaeser company.
The road is risky because of the bending gutenbergstrabe, which has right of way and is nine meters wide there. On the one hand, the right-of-way regulation is to be changed, so that on friedrich-ruckert-strabe right-of-way prevails. A traffic survey has shown that the traffic distribution has changed and the main direction of travel is clearly via friedrich-ruckert-strabe. In addition, a median island is to be constructed and gutenbergstrabe is to join friedrich-ruckertstrabe at a right angle. This will make it possible to enlarge the island at the mouth of the river and create a pathway to the river. "Currently there is no such thing", according to katja link from the city planning department.
The reconstruction was coordinated within the administration as well as with the police and the burghers' association. Gerhard knoch of the coburg waste disposal and construction company did not have to read out his detailed list of all the cost items for the conversion. "Without the central island, the costs amount to 105,000 euros", said bone. If you take comparable projects and past tenders into account, the costs add up to the 120,000 euros mentioned. "The mouse does not leave a thread", he affirmed. 

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