Searching for clues in the Peruvian sandbox: dakar rally

Before the torture through the peruvian sandbox, "monsieur dakar" stephane peterhansel took a trip to machu picchu.

Sitting on the dry stone walls, the french record winner of the grueling off-road adventure enjoyed the impressive panoramic view over the world-famous inca city. To peterhansel, last year’s winner carlos sainz, challenger sebastien loeb& co. Waits for the start of the 41. The second edition of the rally dakar on sunday in peru’s capital lima an obscure challenge. "You have to find the right passages in the midst of this sea of dunes, these mountains of dunes," peterhansel proclaimed.

The odyssey, which has been reduced to around 5,000 kilometers and only ten stages, has a total of five stages until the finale in lima on 17 june. January the ride readers asked. 70 percent of the dangerous horsepower chase, held for the first time in only one country, the pilots drove through sand. "I like the dunes," said nine-time world rally champion loeb. "The key to winning on this type of surface is not getting stuck in the sand."

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biathlete arnd pfeiffer as guest in neuenmarkt

How is your preparation going at the moment and how intensive is your training??
Arnd peiffer: we have just finished a long training phase and are so to speak in the final stages of preparation. We will fly to lapland at the beginning of november and there we will prepare for three weeks of snow. Apart from that we have been training hard in the ski hall in oberhof, and the preparations are actually going very well, i got through the season in good health and was able to implement the training scope as i had imagined it. What they will be worth, we will only see in the course of the season, but I am in good spirits.

What goal are you working towards in the upcoming winter season??
Well, the times are over that you only prepare for the world championships, because you have such a strong team and you already have to perform in the first world cup to qualify for the world championships, so to speak. That means you have to be in shape from december to march. Of course, she is subject to certain fluctuations, but there is no specific race that I prepare for, but I want to perform well throughout the season and that is my goal.

How does the competition look like in your own country?
Very good! We had the german championship in september, among other things in oberhof, and that is held on ski rollers and is also the qualification for the world cup and IBU cup. Since you have already seen that many young athletes from the bottom so to speak print and want to make us the places disputed. This is also very good, we have a lot of competition and we have to constantly reassert ourselves. This also raises the quality of the team. We currently have a homogeneous world cup team consisting of six people. Everyone has the potential to make it to the podium, and that’s a great strength for us.

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Fc can play a good role

Sebastian neubauer

they’re still there. This or something similar could be heard by those who have followed the youngest football history of the FC pommersfelden. The A-class team always played for promotion, but failed either because of the opponents or because of their own nerves. And this season?
FC pommersfelden is one of those teams that many had long suspected to be one division higher. In fact, the A-class player of the often missed the jump to the district class conceivably narrowly. After the promotion of wachenroth and muhlhausen, who were very dominant in the previous season, the cards were reshuffled in A-class 1. FC pommersfelden holds an ace in the hole?
Attitude and concentration are decisive in order to be able to intervene in the fight for promotion in the long term. What roland kleebauer says. The 29-year-old player-coach wants to contribute to a successful season for the promotion contenders with his goals. So far, his team has been reasonably consistent. Of the first four games, only one was lost. And this against our direct competitor FC frimmersdorf. In an interview with our partner portal anpfiff.Info spoke to roland kleebauer about the start of the season, the factors for success and his promotion favorites.

Seven points from four games. How do you rate the start to the season?
Roland kleebauer: we switched against frimmersdorf. We were probably too sure, since it went against frimmersdorf in the past always well and it was also this time somehow go well. Frimmersdorf rightly punished.

I am satisfied with the remaining four games.

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Dieter schaar likes to host statesmen

He is the mayor of a small municipality, but he has had the honor of receiving many great european statesmen: the former hungarian prime minister gyula horn, for example, the former german aubenminister hans-dietrich genscher, but also archduke otto von habsburg. "Those were special events, says dieter schaar, who as mayor of neudrossenfeld hosts an event every two years at which the fordergesellschaft fur europaische kommunikation (FEK) awards the karl IV europe medal. Lending to politicians who live the european idea.

Head of the city council since 2002
Dieter schaar, who celebrates his 60th birthday today. Celebrates his 13th birthday, is himself a seasoned local politician. He has been a member of the neudrossenfeld town council since 1984, and from 1996 to 2002 he was deputy to mayor hans bar (CSU) before being elected as his successor.

The gladbach fan
If you look beyond his political activities, you'll get to know a man who has one great passion above all: sports. Dieter schaar used to play volleyball himself, and has been a goal scorer for the TSV neudrossenfeld soccer team as a right back and attacking midfielder. As a spectator, he is now a permanent guest at the home games of the volleyball and soccer teams in the state league. He also doesn't miss many of the first fubball team's home games. Schaar, who is a die-hard fan of borussia monchengladbach, loves the stadium air. "I also like to watch games in foreign leagues when I get the chance on vacation trips.", says the mayor, who has already enjoyed the great atmosphere at prinzenpark in paris and at stamford brigde, the home of chelsea FC.

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Guest of the youngest team in the league

TSV troster breitengubbach’s NBBL basketball players take to the court at an unusual time. To the catch-up game of the 13. Matchday guests the team of coach mark volkl on wednesday evening at 20.3 p.M. At science city jena an. After the victory over bayreuth last weekend, the brose-bamberg-youngsters are on the best way to finish the main round successfully. Thanks to their current fourth place in the table, nicolas wolf and his team have already qualified for the play-offs. A win against today’s opponents, the U19 team of the national league team science city jena, is nevertheless expected.
The thuringians recently won clearly against the s.Oliver wurzburg academy and rank seventh in the sudost playgroup table with six wins and nine losses. Coach tino stumpf’s team may be the youngest in the group (16.8 years old on average), but they are not to be underestimated.

Three players currently top the scoring list with double-digit points – marco rahn, jakub kadasi and jan heber also enter the top list of jena rebounders. The troster men in chemnitz had to learn that in the end the subtle differences can be decisive. Although they narrowly secured victory there a few weeks ago with a score of 58-57 and with it a place in the play-offs, the boys around matthias fichtner and felix edwardsson have nevertheless been working on the mistakes from that game. The game against bayreuth was therefore a good opportunity to get rid of the youngest lapses of concentration and coordination errors and to prepare for the upcoming away game in the best possible way.

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