The castle was not built until 1903

Almost 100 years old is the second youngest castle in french switzerland with the name "hildenstein", popularly known as "reinschburg" known. The building stands 70 meters above the valley floor on the so-called herrenfels and looks down from the left slope of the valley into the rabeneck valley, between doos and rabeneck castle, since 1904. Today, not much can be seen of the castle, as it is hidden by tall trees.

About the origin of this summer residence the local writer august sieghardt reports. According to this, at the beginning of the last century, the coburg senior study councilor hugo reinsch, a grammar school professor from streitberg, was on a climbing tour through french switzerland with his brother. The peculiar shape of this 35 meter high rock attracted both of them and they were the first to climb the herrenfels, which rose like a mighty free-standing tower in the wiesent valley.

When both brothers had conquered the rock and were standing on the summit with its primeval trees, the idea of creating a forest botanical garden with a small recreation room germinated. That’s why reinsch acquired a new piano from barbara dormann from the neighboring gosseldorf on 11. August 1902 the foundation and started construction soon after.

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How the weak fight back

"Stop", lukas shouts from the strength of his body that the walls are trembling, and takes a step back to show unmistakably that he has come this far and no further. The exercise is part of a self-confidence and defense course that teaches children and young people how to defend themselves.

"Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the best way to solve a conflict without violence", explains martin page, trainer and owner of high rollers jiu jitsu. Together with christine kramer from bamberger, they demonstrate a sequence of handholds as part of the vacation program of the municipal youth work, with which even smaller and weaker people have a chance to counter an attacker.

Shouting loud is important

At the beginning of the lesson the children are trained to use their arms. The first thing is to make it clear to the attacker that the fight is over. "Say ‘stop’, as loudly as possible, and take a step back", advice martin page. Shouting loudly has at least the advantage that people notice that there is something going on. If the attacker cannot be stopped, the process should be repeated. The worst scenario would be to lie on the floor. In many other martial arts the fight would be decided by this point. Not so in brazilian jiu- jitsu.

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22 years after child's death: suspected perpetrator in court

It’s a terrible crime, but also a case like something out of a thriller: in 1998, eleven-year-old nicky verstappen is abducted from a camp in the brunssummerheide between aachen and maastricht, sexually abused and killed.

The police are in the dark for a long time, it looks like the murder will never be solved. But then, thanks to the latest technology, DNA traces from the body are suddenly assigned to a man who had already come into the focus of the investigators shortly after the murder. Since monday, this now 57-year-old jos B. In the dutch city of maastricht before court.

Interest in the trial is huge – it is one of the most sensational criminal cases in recent dutch history. But also in germany the murder of the boy had shaken many people.

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enjoyable musical chase

Gerhard deutschmann

the 2nd concert was a special event. Symphony concert of the landestheater, which took place in the coburg congress house. Hans stahli, for many years first kapellmeister at the landestheater, has already appeared in public several times with coarser orchestral works.
His latest composition, written last year – the horn concerto in G major – was commissioned by the solo horn player at the royal opera in copenhagen, claudio fluckiger, through the intercession of his horn teacher, a former fellow student of stahli’s.
The concerto formally employs the classical three-movement form and is composed in an extended tonality, whereby the skilful, refined orchestration is particularly striking to the ear. Already in the 1. The first movement (poco allegro) impresses with its lush melodies and colorful orchestration. The 2. The first movement (andante sostenuto) shows a serious note, before it attacca into the third (vivace) with the subtitle "la chasse" (the chase) goes.

The basses pluck boogie

Here the composer shows his cheerful side: the horn blares merrily, the basses pluck boogie, the cuckoo calls in the clarinets (a "trademark") stahlis also in other compositions), the bassoon sounds pleasurable, a shot pops, even a yodel is not missing, the whole orchestra provides for lively bustle and ends in an effective apotheosis.

One listened to an exemplary, carefully rehearsed premiere with the competent dedicatee claudio fluckiger, who shone with flexible tone and flawless, virtuoso technique, a superior, carefully shaping, spirited conductor johannes braun and an orchestra that mastered all the tricks of the demanding score with aplomb.

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