Morocco is a dynamic country, as seen in the people, their dancing and their music, but especially notice their food, which is like a really full plate of pleasure. The food is to our taste with lots of exotic flavors.

Your best advice is to try everything you can, but for the most part you should not miss the following dishes:

1. Couscous

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Food of Israel

Israeli cuisine shaped by local traditions that come from the past, do not avoid the influence of culinary trends neighboring peoples and countries in which Jews lived before returning to their historical homeland.
Middle Eastern cuisine enjoys the greatest popularity in Israel, peacefully co-existing with fast food,Italian pizzerias and French bistros. Israeli cuisine is famous for a variety of products used and the abundance of fruits and vegetables, a wide range presented at any time of year.

Local residents according to religious norms of Judaism – “kashrut” (blank) feed mostly kosher food, that is food,cooked in a certain way of certain products, certain combination. Thus, the Jews forbidden to eat pork, seafood (lobster, squid, shrimp, crab – except for some types of fish). Dairy and meat dishes should be prepared and submitted separately.Therefore, kosher food restaurants in Israel are divided into meat and milk. You also can not eat meat equine and rodents.

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Food and drinks Netherlands

Through the influence of Indonesian, Surinamese, Chinese, Turkish and North African immigrants, you can select the kitchen of your choice. In big cities, you can enjoy good Thai food (for example, on Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam) at a good price, and in Chinatown to taste the real Chinese food. You can also find a restaurant with kitchen anywhere in the world (especially in Amsterdam).

In every corner of the city center, close to public transportation, and even in quieter neighborhoods have any eatery, known as friture or cafeteria. It mainly sell chips (called «patat» or «friet»). He can be ordered mayonnaise, ketchup, curry sauce (as opposed to the usual curry sauce that tastes like ketchup), peanut sauce (sauce of heated peanut butter), chopped onion, cold applesauce, etc.

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Food and drinks Spain

Spaniards are very jealous of the food, wine and Spanish cuisine. Spanish cuisine – a light vegetable dishes and a huge variety of meat and fish. In Spanish cuisine uses few spices and excellent quality ingredients.

As a rule, in large towns, restaurants during the week until midnight on weekends – up to 2-3 hours at night.

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Matt Preston's miso corn fritters with chilli bacon caramel

Here are some dining options in Australia:

  • Restaurants BYO. BYO is understood as “to bring” (Bring Your Own), with a mean alcohol. In many urban areas of Australia you will find inexpensive restaurants that do not have a license to sell alcohol, but allow visitors to bring a bottle of wine purchased elsewhere. This goes a lot cheaper than ordering wine in a restaurant. In some restaurants you can get beer, others allow only wine. Expect for otkuporivanie bottles will have to pay the amount, ranging from 2-3 to 15 dollars. Bring alcohol into the restaurant, licensed to conduct liquor is prohibited.
  • The Asian eateries offers mainly Asian cuisine.
  • Lunch at the pub. Today, some pubs offer and lunch as lunch and dinner in the middle of the day. Distributed the following dishes: meat steaks, chicken in Parma, nachos, etc..
  • BBQ – a popular pastime among the Australians and many parks officially open to it. Contrary to the belief of foreigners in the stereotype, the Australians rarely “throw a shrimp on the barbecue” (incidentally, the Australian English word “prawn” is often referred to as “shrimp”, rather than as a “prawn”). Instead, at most barbecue cooked steaks, chops, chicken and barbecue.

In different regions of Australia learn about local restaurants and what and how they are served.

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